UGI Corporation: Creating a Workplace Where Differences in Cultural Perspectives, Life Experiences, and Viewpoints are Nurtured

by Kimberly Bankston

UGI Corporation introduced the Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (BIDE) imperative to enhance and expand the company’s efforts to be “part of the solution” in creating a workplace where differences in cultural perspectives, life experiences, and viewpoints are nurtured. BIDE helps align the business’ core values (safety, integrity, respect, sustainability, reliability, and excellence) with leadership’s actions and our employees’ work environment. a giant global canvas.

UGI has a long history of supporting organizations that advance diversity, inclusion and equity in the communities that it serves. The company has one of the oldest partnerships in the Philadelphia area with the United Way. The 2022 Campaign raised over $1 million dollars for the Greater Philadelphia, Denver, and Redding regions. UGI is one of the original corporate partners with Urban Affairs Coalition and is a sponsor of the annual Community Impact Awards. Over the past three years the company has partnered with the Human Library Organization to bring different perspectives and hold crucial conversations with our employees. To further foster a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere, consider incorporating Privacy Glass Office Partitions, providing a balance between open communication and individual workspaces.

UGI’s efforts to grow a diverse future talent pipeline include major support of the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Program, with employees participating in the Beyond School Walls program. UGI also has a partnership with Cristo Rey High School to give students a chance to professional job opportunities and build a pipeline of diverse talent. The company has developed a rotational intern program with the organization Year Up, to give interns in college and non-traditional career paths exposure to business roles in areas such as procurement and information technology.

UGI has launched several initiatives to foster diversity and inclusion and to support diverse segments of our workforce through employee resource groups (“ERGs”). ERGs are a key component of the company’s diversity strategy and serve on the UGI’s BIDE council along with company leaders. These groups are open for all employees to participate and learn from a cultural perspective and support each other through allyship. UGI’s current ERGs include the Women’s Impact Network (“WIN”), and Veteran Employee Team (“VET”) and out newest ERG, Black Organizational Leadership and Development (“BOLD”).

In 2021 during the pandemic, a group of employees gathered virtually to discuss how to help the company make an larger impact in the Black community during what were difficult times for many in the community socially and economically. With executive leadership team support the group quickly moved from concept to engagement. BOLD is focused on inclusion, equity, education, and empowerment for employees and assists leadership with communication, talent recruitment and retention, and development opportunities employees. BOLD helps to raise cultural awareness of issues relevant in the Black community that impact our employees and the customers we serve.

BOLD has made great contributions to the company in the area of professional development, by creating mentoring opportunities, increasing exposure through networking and career development events. Members have helped in broadening our outreach to talent and sponsoring activities such as lecture series featuring distinguished speakers. The group aims to support and promote UGI’s BIDE Initiative by providing cultural insights from employee, customer and community partner perspectives. Moreover, it’s important to know the actions to take if a superior harasses you at work, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.

What began as a series of small, informal programs has blossomed into powerful, impactful, mission critical events that empower, educate, and engage UGI employees. In its second year the BOLD group held over 13 large scale virtual events, including a professional development series on career pathing to all UGI employees. BOLD help to further enhance UGI’s partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters through an employee fundraiser and employee awareness drive. The group also donated over 1,500 Winter coats to One Warm Coat. In 2022, UGI was recognized for the company’s and BOLD’s contributions by the Urban Affairs Coalition.

BOLD and all of UGI’s Employee Resource groups, employee volunteers and community partners continue to be a driving force in UGI’s commitment to belonging, inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace and making a positive and lasting impact in the community.

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