Tapestry: Embracing Difference By Design

by Savoy Staff

Global brands Coach, Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman are united under Tapestry’s umbrella to not only deliver best-in-class products, but experiences — for both our consumers and the employees who create them.

Tapestry believes in the intertwining of diverse people and ideas. We make this possible by holding ourselves accountable and improving the ways we engage with our employees, our brands and the communities in which we operate. Difference sparks brilliance and we bring that philosophy to all we do. In short, we embrace difference by design.

And while this may sound aspirational, David Casey, Tapestry’s Chief Inclusion and Social Impact Officer, is making it a reality. Casey has been in the corporate Equity, Inclusion and Diversity (EI&D) space for over 20 years and knows how important it is to build EI&D into the foundation of any company. Importantly, Casey considers himself to be a business leader, just like his colleagues who handle supply chain, marketing, merchandising or finance. And as such, EI&D is positioned as a business competency and enabler, not an initiative or program.

“Operationalizing this work is a critical success factor for companies that want to remain relevant with a diverse workforce and consumer base that are both reflective of rapidly shifting demographics,” says Casey. “Just like with any other part of the business, EI&D leaders and teams should have a high level of business and organizational savvy to ensure the company is making appropriate investments.”

Casey relies on a set of four interconnected principles to support and guide EI&D and Social Impact work at Tapestry:

  • Talent: Attracting, retaining and growing top talent – making us an employer of choice in a rapidly evolving talent marketplace.
  • Culture: Fostering a culture of inclusion, where people and ideas from everywhere are welcomed.
  • Community: Nurturing the vibrancy of the communities in which we live and work to advance equity, opportunity and dignity for all.
  • Marketplace: Embracing our responsibility in the marketplace as a global fashion company. We are committed to affecting positive change for our industry and deliver on our value proposition to stakeholders – consumers, investors and communities.

In addition to doubling-down on evolving and growing Tapestry’s global champions network, which consists of Employee Resource Groups, Inclusion Taskforces, and a consumer-focused Inclusion Milestone Review Committee, Casey and his team have shifted focus to employee learning, development, along with providing opportunities and guidance for putting those learnings into action.

In FY2022, Tapestry sought to empower specific groups, including hiring managers and senior leadership, to develop more effective interviewing techniques and engage talent from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds in authentic and relevant ways. The company is also expanding pathways of inclusion around candidates and employees with disabilities and exploring how we can better support their success.

“Tapestry knows that the kind of ingenuity that turns heads, that turns objects into icons, comes only from places few have looked before – so diverse perspectives are some of the greatest assets we have,” says Casey. “When we encourage everyone to speak up and weave these voices together, we make something entirely new. We give space for the voices of customers, too, to express themselves through our brands rather than the other way around. At Tapestry, we stand for open doors. So come as you are. Let’s create something from it, together.”

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