Netha Johnson

by Edward Cates
Netha Johnson
President, Bromine Specialties
Albemarle Corporation

Netha Johnson is President of Albemarle’s Bromine Specialties global business unit. As President, Bromine Specialties, Johnson is responsible for overseeing and leading the continued success of the global business unit, while ensuring it supports the company’s overall growth strategy.

In addition, Johnson is also responsible for the company’s IT Digital Transformation journey, which includes optimizing Albemarle’s entire IT technology and processes to enable the company’s transition to a digital enabled organization.

Prior to Albemarle, Johnson was Vice President of the Electrical Markets Division for 3M Company (3M). This business uses existing technologies – and invents new ones – to deliver efficient and reliable energy worldwide.

In this role, Johnson was responsible for 3M’s electrical and renewable energy solutions, including providing the latest technologies to modernize the world’s electrical grids.

Preceding his business career, Johnson served as a U.S. Naval Special Operations Officer. Johnson speaks Mandarin and German.

Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California and an Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Duke University.

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