Albert Simien Jr.

by Justin Cates
Albert Simien Jr.
Executive Vice President, Operations
LHC Group

Albert Simien Jr. serves as Executive Vice President of Operations for LHC Group. He works directly with LHC Group’s president and CEO to ensure alignment with operational strategies and objectives.

Simien provides management, leadership, and vision to ensure the organization meets its short- and long-term goals. He helps create enduring policies and a company culture that strengthens operational efficiency and generates revenue.

Simien also oversees the company’s daily business operations and administration, including: implementing business strategies, optimizing the organization’s operational capabilities, managing and handling the daily business operations of the company, and working closely with department heads and supervisors to support the day-to-day activities of employees.

Simien previously served LHC Group as Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable, Vice President of Procurement, Treasurer and Senior Vice President of Project Management, and Senior Vice President of Operations.

Simien is a member of the Louisiana Notary Association and is certified in accounts payable. He is also a member of the Executive Leadership Council.

Simien received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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