Farewell to 106 & Park

by LP Green, II

At 5:00 pm EST, the hip hop nation can look forward to the most live audience on TV, music videos, charismatic hosts, and guests from Halle Berry, to Tyra Banks, and even First Lady Michelle Obama. After December 19th that will be non-existent, because 106 & Park will transition to digital form and not be a daytime television show. With a fourteen-year run, this saddens the hip-hop community.

106 & Park was not all about catching up with the latest videos, but it was about being informed about the hip-hop world. New artists had a chance to break through and shine from rap battles, artist had a chance to promote a new project, and everyone that ever loved hip-hop or rap had a place to call home. However, 106 & Park will still continue their traditions with 106 & Party for New Years, and 106 & Park Presents: Live, Red, & Ready for the BET Awards.


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