Gugu Mbatha Burst Through The Screen In Beyond The Lights

by LP Green, II

From the writer that bought you Love and Basketball, Beyond The Lights is the new hit film that you must go see. Starring Gugu Mbatha and Nate Parker, their chemistry is riveting and the story is powerful beyond measure. Noni Jean (Gugu) is a famous pop star that has fame, fortune, and power but at what cost?

Noni tries to kill herself and is stopped by her personal bodyguard Kez (Nate). This story is not only about the power of life and love but being able to find self-empowerment. Noni is controlled and struggles with her mother’s demands, the hectic Hollywood world, and the lack of self-worth. This twisted tale of trying to find self-fulfillment and self-love is unique and a must-see film.

Gugu Mbatha is not new to the screen with her most recent role in the film Belle. Belle, Dido Elizabeth Belle, was a mixed race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral that was raised by her great-uncle in 18th century England. Gugu’s role in Beyond The Lights is more contemporary and completely opposite her last role. She is a talented artist and shines through her new role.

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