Regenerate by UGG Featuring Jesse Smith & Jerome Foster II

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In taking a step toward a more regenerative world, Southern California-based global lifestyle brand UGG® released Regenerate by UGG™, an all-gender sustainability-focused collection crafted with materials from land cared for with regenerative traditions.

The fashion industry and its supply chains are intrinsically linked to agriculture through raw materials resulting in consumer products, often created through destructive farming practices. Regenerative agriculture ensures that farming is conducted in harmony with nature to help restore soil, encourage wildlife diversity, capture carbon in the ground, and preserve the land for future generations.

As the fashion industry increasingly acknowledges its interconnectedness with agriculture, the importance of adopting sustainable practices becomes ever more apparent. Regenerative agriculture emerges as a promising solution, offering a path towards cultivating raw materials in harmony with the environment. By prioritizing soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration, regenerative agriculture not only mitigates the negative impacts of conventional farming but also fosters a more resilient and ecologically balanced supply chain.

Amidst this shift towards sustainability, the demand for skilled professionals in agricultural practices surges, particularly in regions like Australia known for their agricultural prowess. From farm management to agricultural research and development, a diverse array of roles falls under the umbrella of agricultural jobs in Australia. Within this dynamic environment,  agricultural recruitment firms play a vital role in connecting businesses in the fashion industry with talented individuals passionate about implementing regenerative practices. By facilitating the placement of skilled workers in agricultural roles aligned with regenerative principles, these firms contribute to the cultivation of a more sustainable and resilient supply chain for the fashion industry.

By 2025, UGG® has vowed to help restore one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland. In 2022, the brand established a long-term grant with Savory Institute to support regenerative farming practices on sheep farms in Australia. Today, UGG® has contributed to the restoration of 310,000 acres. Throughout this five-year commitment, the brand hopes to leave a legacy of transformation on the Australian sheepskin industry by helping these farms work regeneratively.

UGG® is continuing to find ways to source innovative materials more responsibly and support the well-being of surrounding communities through tapping heros in the space. The brand partnered with creators, activists and changemakers in the regenerative community to debut the Regenerate by UGG™ collection.

Jesse Smith is the Director of Land Stewardship for White Buffalo Land Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice, promotion and development of regenerative agriculture. Born and raised on California’s Central Coast, Jesse has been instrumental in transforming agriculture to support a diverse community and create a vibrant and healthy future for his family. Passionate about food and farming, Jesse brings a creative approach to designing regenerative processes for land and community. Through his farming practices, he actively restores ecological balance to food, fiber, and medicine production, enhancing soil health, water cycles, and biodiversity. Jesse empowers other land stewards to adopt regenerative principles in the decision-making, all rooted in the unique context of place. Jesse envisions a global embrace of regenerative agriculture, tailored to each unique location and supported by diverse stakeholders. At White Buffalo Land Trust’s Center of Regenerative Agriculture at Jalama Canyon Ranch, Jesse demonstrates the power of collaboration. He directs the operation of a 1,000-acre working farm, ranch, and conservation site, overseeing vineyard management, livestock care, and restoration work. Jesse Smith’s leadership and commitment to regenerative agriculture are transforming the agricultural landscape. Through his collaborative approach and dedication, he inspires others and contributes to the advancement of regenerative land stewardship principles.

Jerome Foster II is a 21-year-old environmental justice activist, keynote speaker, youngest-ever White House Advisor in U.S. History, and Cofounder & Co-Executive Director at Waic Up. He served as intern for the late Honorable John Lewis at 16-years old and served as Board Member for the DC State Board of Education’s High School Graduation Requirements Task Force at 15. Waic Up is an international communication to community impact charity which is an expansion of OneMillionOfUs, which mobilized a movement of young people to vote in the 2020 Elections.

Jerome Foster II is a 21-year-old environmental justice activist, keynote speaker, youngest-ever White House Advisor in U.S. History, and Cofounder & Co-Executive Director at Waic Up.

Created with commitment to exacting artisanship, precision cutting, and premium construction methods, the Regenerate by UGG™ collection is a pinnacle execution of everything consumers love about the UGG® icons. From bold, “stitch-out” aesthetic reminiscent of the Classic Boot to innovative comfort details like the unique footboard design, UGG® has worked hard to ensure commitment to regenerative sourcing only enhances the beauty and durability of the brand’s shoes.

The Neumel Crafted Regenerate Boot is crafted with regeneratively-sourced sheepskin, stitch-out construction reminiscent of the Classic Boot and luxe, crafted details to elevate the brand’s iconic design to new, artisanal heights.

A boot for all occasions, the Classic Mini Regenerate Boot features the same light, durable outsole as the Classic Boot, which can be worn both indoors and out. The Classic Mini Regenerate adds a conscious twist with an upper of Regenerative twinface, a Regenerative tablegrade sock liner and the same easy, slip-on silhouette.

Inspired by epic, coastal California road trips, the Campfire Crafted Regenerate Boot silhouette combines the UGG® Classic boot and a slip-on. It features the signature UGGplush™ wool blend liner, soft Twinface sheepskin sourced from ranches that practice regenerative agriculture, and an outsole made from renewable sugarcane for a lightweight, flexible fit.

The Scuffette II Regenerate Slipper has all the features consumers know and love from the iconic Scuffette II, including a soft suede upper and Twinface fluffy lining creating the signature feeling of UGG®.

The Tasman Regenerate Slipper has all that consumers love about the original but is made from low-impact materials sourced from ranches that practice regenerative agriculture. The SugarSole™ outsole is made from fast-growing sugarcane and offers the same cushioning and traction as the traditional Treadlite by UGG™ outsole.

Regenerate by UGG™ is available now for purchase at

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