The Hershey Company: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is Everyone’s Job at Hershey

How a nearly 130-year-old company is co-creating change

As a Chief Diversity Officer, “diversity” is right there in the center of my title — and that’s something I could not be prouder of. This work makes me enthusiastically get out of bed every morning. But it’s not lost on me that creating an inclusive workplace where employees feel like they belong and their unique perspectives are not only valued, but celebrated, is much more than me and my role. I could shout the importance of DEI from our corporate rooftop and still not have the impact for which I strive. We need employees across the business to unite and come together to create long-lasting change in a way that’s meaningful for our people and the communities in which we live and work.

At Hershey, our employees did just that. We came together to co-create The Pathways Project, our five-year plan to make Hershey even more diverse and inclusive. With ambitious representation, retention, inclusion, community impact and supplier diversity goals, DEI is not only integrated throughout our company from Board meetings to the plant floor but now with our iconic brands as well. We’re showing up for the Black community in new ways through meaningful partnerships and turning our packaging into a canvas for impact and awareness.

This space is dedicated to just a handful of changemakers who have long tenures of impact or who have just joined Hershey and are already pushing us further.

Hope Brown

Customer Supply Chain Seasonal Manager

“When considering what company to join I was inspired by the opportunity to join a fun organization that has strong values and a supportive culture. I am encouraged by our focus on diversity initiatives and excited to continue to grow my career with Hershey!”

Joyce Easley

Region Sales Leader

“What inspired me to join Hershey? I joined the organization one year ago.The culture of the organization and how it has made a path for me as a Black woman in Leadership. I can finally say I’m with a company that sees me, and appreciate the knowledge I have, as well as the hard work I put into coaching and training others. The Hershey Company allows my voice to be heard, and I couldn’t have picked a better company to work for.

Star Gibbs

Manager, Talent Development

“As Co-Lead of Hershey’s Black Heritage Business Resource Group, I have had an active role in Hershey’s recent transformations. Leading candid companywide listening sessions after the murder of George Floyd, establishing Juneteenth as a new paid company holiday and investing in the development of commercial skills for our early in career employees are just a few of the many initiatives that I am proud to have been a part of since February 2020. This is now how we work and it embodies Hershey’s devotion in creating a more inclusive company.”

Lauren Lacey

Deputy GC, Asst. Secretary & Chief Compliance Officer

“I’ve been with Hershey 10+3 years and counting. I re-joined Hershey because of the senior leadership sponsorship to lead, develop and impact others in a meaningful way and in a manner that is authentically true to me. I am supported as a person, as well as a leader. The most meaningful transformation I recall is the post-George Floyd actions taken by the Black Heritage Business Resource Group (BHBRG) from giving our time and personal experiences in Listen & Learn Sessions to help lead from the front, supporting all colleagues through a pivotal time in the company and our country. The BHBRG continued to redefine Business Resource Group leadership, engagement and initiatives from Board and CEO fireside chats, external leader engagements, commercially focused financial acumen series to community investments.”

Still headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, The Hershey Company has been co-creating its next century of impact alongside employees. (l-r) Hope Brown, Joyce Easley, Star Gibbs, Lauren Lacey
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