Stray Boots Fights ‘Summer Slide’ By Giving Free Tours To All Students In New York City

by LP Green, II

On Saturday, June 8, Stray Boots, a New York tech startup that creates “gamified” city tours kicked off a campaign to get children in New York outside, exercising, and learning by giving away its paid tours for free to all NYC students and their families. To celebrate the launch, Stray Boots partnered with local college preparatory program KIPP NYC Through College to give KIPP’s middle school and high school students a first crack at doing the tours that all New York City students will have the opportunity to do this summer. The campaign, which aims to give away as many as one million Stray Boots tours to school-aged children this year, is meant to encourage kids to keep their minds and bodies fresh  by giving them  a fun, interactive way to do so.

Over 50 middle and high school students and their families were on hand for the event to take on the Stray Boots tours in select Manhattan neighborhoods. Participants explored areas including Wall Street, Chinatown, Union Square, Bryant Park, and Times Square.

“During the summer, up to 84% of school children lose some knowledge, or even grade-level equivalency, known as the ‘Summer Slide’,” says Avi Millman, co-founder of Stray Boots. “By giving kids a fun way to get off the couch, stay active, and continue learning, Stray Boots hopes to have an impact combating this phenomenon. Our tours use game mechanics to take people from point to point, so kids have the opportunity to explore and learn about the city they live in through a scavenger-hunt like experience. In the process, they learn tons of things about history, art, architecture, culture, and much more without even realizing it.”

The Stray Boots education program provides a single, free tour to every New York City student of middle or high school age and their family. Families can claim their free tour on the company’s website by sending in a photo of their kids wearing their school gear. The company also plans to roll out their educational program nationally throughout the following months.

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