Stephen Curry-The NBA’s Newest Household Name

by LP Green, II

The current buzz and spotlight has been on 27-year-old, Stephen Curry and his adorable two-year-old daughter Riley. Last week videos of Stephen Curry’s press conferences spread through social media, because of the main attraction: Riley.

Riley is seen bothering her father in the most adorable way to gain his attention. She is also seen walking around in the background, and even quoting Drake, “I’m wayyy up I feel blessed!”

Riley has stolen the heart of America as she intervenes in her dad’s interview, but some people would like to know, who is Stephen Curry.

Curry plays for the San Francisco Golden State Warriors. He was a first-draft pick from in 2009 from Davidson College and has built his basketball career ever since.

He is the first player in the history of the Warriors, and the ninth in NBA history, to average 24 points and eight assists in a single season. Curry was a part of the 2010 USA Men’s Basketball Senior National Team that won the Gold Medal at the 2010 FIBA World Championships in Turkey.

Curry’s basketball success goes on and on, but in San Francisco he is better known for his involvement in the global community.

Curry is active in the United Nations Foundation’s campaign, Nothing But Nets, which distribute insecticide-treated mosquito nets to families in Africa to help prevent malaria. He is also noted as participating in helping distribute food boxes to 800 families during Thanksgiving, and being a part of Surprised Lucky Supermarket. This program provided $75 gift cards to help families pay for groceries.

The efforts to stay green have been crucial. Curry was able to support these efforts by passing out prepaid BART cards in order to support public transportation.

Stephen Curry is also noted as putting his family before his job. One of his high school coaches told Sporting News, “It’s God, the family, then the job.”

Stephen Curry is the perfect picture of a star athlete that dedicates his time to himself, his family and basketball.

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