Procter & Gamble Promotes Eric Austin to Vice President, Global Marketing & Media

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Procter & Gamble promotes Eric Austin to Vice President, Global Marketing & Media.

Eric is a brand building marketing executive at Procter & Gamble with 20+ years of experience. He’s led some of the world’s most successful billion-dollar brands in the US and abroad in Europe including Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Wella Koleston, Braun, Olay and others. In his current role he influences billions in media spending for the world’s largest advertiser.

Throughout his career, Eric has gained a broad range of experience across the Marketing and IT landscape which includes initiative management, consumer insights, data & analytics, product design & market delivery, data & analytics, marketing strategy, digital & ecommerce systems, creative ad development, enterprise strategy and platform development.

With his extensive background in marketing and IT, Eric recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining a clean and effective email list in today’s digital landscape. Understanding that an accurate email list is pivotal for targeted marketing campaigns and customer engagement, he has spearheaded initiatives to implement advanced tools such as an Email Verifier. By integrating this technology into his strategies, Eric ensures that each communication reaches its intended audience, maximizing the impact of Procter & Gamble’s marketing efforts.

Eric’s foresight extends beyond just implementing email verification tools. He understands that navigating marketing trends is crucial for businesses to maintain a competitive edge in a market that is becoming increasingly saturated. By staying abreast of emerging trends, he ensures that Procter & Gamble remains at the forefront of innovation in marketing strategies. Whether it’s harnessing the power of AI for personalized customer experiences or leveraging social media influencers for brand promotion, Eric adeptly integrates these trends into P&G’s marketing initiatives, amplifying their reach and impact.

Eric’s dedication to refining Procter & Gamble’s email marketing strategies extends beyond just ensuring the accuracy of their email list. He understands that to truly gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns, it’s essential to track and analyze key email success metrics. To achieve this, Eric can leverage Emailspedia, a comprehensive platform that provides valuable insights into fundamental metrics crucial for measuring the impact of their email marketing efforts. By monitoring metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates, Eric can gain a deeper understanding of how recipients are engaging with their emails. Moreover, Emailspedia offers actionable tactics to enhance these metrics, empowering Eric to continually optimize Procter & Gamble’s email campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Innovative marketing strategies often leverage emerging technologies to enhance engagement and streamline communication channels. Eric’s forward-thinking approach can extend beyond email list management to explore novel avenues for customer interaction, such as integrating QR code technology marketing campaigns. By incorporating QR codes into promotional materials and product packaging, brands can offer consumers seamless access to additional content, exclusive offers, or interactive experiences.

Beyond his marketing skills, Eric is a media maven with deep expertise in leading disruptive innovation, accelerating P&G’s global media strategy and operations for the world’s largest advertiser. He’s a recognized expert in the media & AdTech industry and an advocate for driving equality and inclusion across the media ecosystem. Eric is responsible for leading development of industry award winning programs such as THE LOOK, #TalkAboutBias, THE CHOICE, Widen The Screen, Queen Collective, 846 Films, These Hands and others, which sheds light on systemic bias and facilitates equitable solutions for P&G, the media industry, and beyond.

Eric Austin holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Tennessee State University, and currently resides in Cincinnati, OH.

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