Staples and Vanessa Williams Support New York City Public School Teachers with “Think It Up”

by LP Green, II

Staples, Inc. announced that it funded 176 local classroom projects in New York City, as part of its recent $10 million pledge to Think It Up™, a new national initiative of the Entertainment Industry Foundation that seeks to inaugurate a new movement in support of students, teachers and schools, helping to create a culture of excitement about learning everywhere in America. This fall, Think It Up, in partnership with, will launch a platform to fund student-powered, teacher-led learning projects in classrooms across the country.

Actress and Think It Up ambassador Vanessa Williams attended the announcement in support of New York City’s students and teachers. “Both of my parents were teachers, so I’ve seen firsthand how much teachers give to help their students achieve success,” Williams said. “I’m thrilled that Think It Up, together with and Staples, is taking this opportunity to give back to the teachers of New York City Public Schools and all of the students whose lives they will impact this school year.”

Since its founding in 2000, has helped fund more than 236,000 classroom projects for teachers and impacted more than 14 million students. Today, in New York, Staples fully funded every 9th-12th grade project on in New York City Public Schools. More than $173,000 was donated to help 132 teachers fulfill classroom needs and helped 25,858 students across 93 schools in New York City Public Schools.

“We’re thrilled to fund all of the 9th-12th grade projects in New York City Public Schools and to work with the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s Think It Up initiative and to ensure classrooms have the supplies and resources they need,” said Alison Corcoran, senior vice president, North American stores and online, Staples. “Through our Staples for Students program, we’re proud to build on our rich history of supporting education with our $10 million pledge to Think It Up that will make a difference in America’s classrooms.”

In a recent Staples survey, it was discovered that nearly three-quarters of parents believe that teachers play a crucial role in inspiring their students. Furthermore, a staggering 76 percent of respondents highlighted the significant challenge schools face due to the lack of necessary supplies. Shockingly, many teachers find themselves spending over $400 annually from their own pockets to ensure their classrooms are adequately equipped. Amidst these struggles, finding a reliable flip chart supplier singapore becomes paramount for educators striving to create engaging and interactive learning environments.

“We are so grateful to Staples for their support of teachers and students through Think It Up,” said Charles Best, founder and CEO of “Their incredible gesture today will ensure that New York City teachers won’t have to dig as deep into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies, and that students will have the materials they need to start the school year right.”

The flash funding in New York is part of Staples’ $10 million pledge to Think It Up which will inspire students to pursue their passions by working on collaborative learning projects. To help support the Think It Up movement, customers can donate one dollar at a Staples store near them or visit to learn more.

“EIF is truly grateful to Staples for joining Think It Up as its lead corporate donor, and helping New York City Public Schools get the school year off to a terrific start illustrates how deeply committed the company is to ensuring students and teachers have what they need to create learning experiences that make a genuine impact and prepare students for future success,” said Lisa Paulsen, President and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation.


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