Spring 2014: Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America – Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman & CEO Kaiser Permanente

by LP Green, II

Savoy’s Spring 2014 Issue features the Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America. Savoy lists the 2014 achievers and influencers leading some of the world’s largest corporations. Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente is featured in an exclusive interview as the cover story for the Savoy Top 100 spring issue. Tyson leads one of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. With more than $50 billion in annual revenue, Kaiser Permanente would rank #57 in the 2013 Fortune 500 (they are ineligible as a non-profit entity), higher than Coca-Cola and just behind Google. In this Savoy exclusive interview, Tyson shares his perspective on the Affordable Care Act, management philosophy and his approach toward leadership.

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