When I joined Skanska nearly two years ago, it was a priority for me to meet the teams, to see up close and in person, not just what we do, but who we are. The first thing I did was travel to every office and at each stop I asked my colleagues what they were most proud of at Skanska. No matter where I was, the answer was always the same: our people.

Skanska talks about the importance of its people and the company’s values, Care for Life and Better Together, reflect it. But hearing this universal appreciation of our people from our people confirmed it: Skanska’s commitment to everyone is real.

Construction is about creating, about building something from the ground up. Literally. Starting with a blank slate and creating something, that’s what the people of Skanska do every day…that’s the very essence of innovation … and it can’t be done alone. Everything we do, we do better together. From structures and spaces that inspire, to company cultures and environments, together we’re building what matters.

The word together is key. Every day on every project, our teams face challenges and create solutions. Together. From the latest technology to a different perspective or new way of looking at something, we are always innovating, always looking to learn – with and from each other. For example, we built our current business plan on input from 150 people at all levels, in all roles around the company. We regularly create limited duration teams (LDTs) with cross functional representation to tackle some of our most complex business issues. We engage our colleagues in all manner of decisions because we trust each other, respect each other and because we know we are better together.

Dina Clark, SVP for Diversity & Inclusion, outside a Skanska USA Building jobsite in Seattle, Washington.

Our approach to inclusion is no different. We understand that true inclusion begins with honoring all our workforce. Our focus on evolving an inclusive culture of openness, fairness, trust and respect is inspired by our people, and our commitment to inclusion is non-negotiable.

I agree with my colleagues: our people are the best part of our business, not only for what they do, but for the proud yet humble approach they take to the amazing work they deliver across the country. Our company recognizes this, understands it, and delivers on it. Authentically.

At Skanska, we do this not because we have to but because we want to.

Better together is who we are, and how we thrive as a business.

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