Six Time All-Pro Linebacker Patrick Willis Joins Team Rockin’ Refuel

by LP Green, II

Willis relies on Rockin’ Refuel to provide the protein needed to excel on the gridiron.

Rockin’ Refuel by Shamrock Farms, a complete line of protein beverages that starts with real milk and ends with real results, announced that do-everything  linebacker, Patrick Willis, is the newest member of Team Rockin’ Refuel.  Willis will be featured in Rockin’ Refuel’s national advertising campaign titled “Rockin'” that features real athletes accomplishing their physical goals – check out this behind the scenes video from the advertising shoot:

Widely considered to be one of the best inside linebackers in professional football, Willis helped lead San Francisco to the 2013 championship game in New Orleans. Entering his seventh season, Willis is known for his intimidating presence on the field that has already yielded 812 tackles and 17.5 sacks – as well as fear in every offensive player he lines up against each Sunday.

“The protein I get from drinking Rockin’ Refuel helps fuel the power and strength I need to make big plays on the football field,” said Willis. “Rockin’ Refuel gets my body ready to do battle every Sunday. And since it’s made with real milk, it tastes great and is not chalky like other protein beverages.”

Willis is the most recent addition to Team Rockin’ Refuel, an elite group of sports stars and fitness advocates who drink the full line of protein milk beverages to help fuel muscle building and recovery, including: professional basketball player, DeAndre Jordan; professional triathlete, TJ Tollakson and professional lacrosse player, Brendan Mundorf.

“The addition of Patrick Willis to Team Rockin’ Refuel shows how competitors at the very top level of professional sports rely on the nutritional value of our protein milk beverages to help them achieve their physical goals,” said Shamrock Farms Director of Brand Management, Blake Atkinson. “Rockin’ Refuel is the better-for-you and more natural way for athletes of all levels to build and rebuild muscle.”

Made with real milk, Rockin’ Refuel contains the high quality protein needed to bring your game to the next level and is available in two formulas designed to help build muscle or for muscle recovery after a tough workout:

  • Rockin’ Refuel for muscle building is packed with 30 grams of high-quality protein and only six grams of sugar to provide athletes with all the protein they need to build muscle without the carbs and sugar they don’t want.
  • Rockin’ Refuel for muscle recovery is specifically formulated to help muscles recover after exercise and is the protein beverage of choice at more than 180 college and university athletic departments.  It has grown in popularity within the athletic community because of its great taste, natural protein and 2:1 carb to protein ratio – proven to be the ideal ratio to maximize muscle recovery.

Visit to learn more about the complete line of Rockin’ Refuel products and to find the protein beverage that will help you get the results you want, no matter what type of athlete you are. All Rockin’ Refuel products are available in 12 oz. bottles at select retailers nationwide; select varieties are available in 11 oz. sizes, online at

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