19-Year Old Emerald Mayne Provides Guidance for Teens and Young Adults to Achieve Future Goals in Dynamic New Book Dream Rush

by LP Green, II

Appointed Media is thrilled to announce the release of ‘Dream Rush’ by Emerald Mayne, a dynamically gripping book of unparalleled wisdom for teens and young adults who seek to outmaneuver the path of mediocrity and achieve many of their future goals while young, mentally sharp and full of energy!

Dream Rush (published 6/5/13) is laser targeted for young people who desire an outcome of greatness for their life. In this book, Emerald speaks out against popular social terms like YOLO (You Only Live Once) which young adults today use as an ideology to justify disregarding the importance and outcome of their future and only live for today.  Emerald elegantly counters the widespread YOLO with what she has coined as YOSO (You’re Only Sharp Once). YOSO is the ideology that signifies that your youthful age, right now, is the best time to focus on and launch the success of your future early retirement. Retiring between the age of 30 and 40 is more common today than ever before. It’s happening every day all around us. This book takes today’s young adults into a much more advantageous perspective on life than what your child may accumulate from high school, college, TV and their peers.

Emerald’s dynamic approach rewires the mindsets of young adults to easily repurpose their energy, time and focus to quickly change the course of their future forever. The book clearly identifies the mental and physical obstacles that young adults face today, things to watch out for and avoid and provides proven step-by-step instructions to militantly accomplish any goal or mission with absolute success.  Goal setting techniques outlined in this book are not just strategic, but fun!

Emerald stated, “My goal is to share with young adults how to use their youthful time wisely to enjoy a more fruitful adult life and to help them from being idle and getting into regretful situations. These are the very same techniques I’ve learned from my success mentors to stay ahead of the curb while enjoying a pure, blessed and exciting life.” Appointed Media also stated that Emerald is already working on another bestseller specifically aimed at young women accomplishing the inconceivable in this generation.  Dream Rush is in print and will be made available online at BarnesAndNoble.com, Amazon.com and various book stores worldwide on October 1st, 2013.

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