Shonda Rhimes Dominates Prime Time Television

by LP Green, II

Hold on to your seats ShondaLand fans because in the fall we will be hit with yet another addiction from the powerhouse. The Catch is set to premiere this fall, which is written and produced, by the Shonda Rhimes, and Betsy Beers. They will also be executive producers to the show, as well as, Julie Anne Robinson and Jennifer Schuur who will write the pilot.

The Catch, which is based on a novel by Kate Atkinson, is about a private investigator, played by Mireille Enos from The Killing. This private investigator travels the world to find her mark, but in actuality she is not who she says she is to others as well. The plot thickens when she comes home to find her fiancé nowhere to be found and her bank account wiped clean. Our main character is then faced with her own investigations while trying to find her fiancé. Though, who’s trying to con whom?

The dominator of prime time television and the creator of TGIT (Thank God It’s Thursday) are set to take over television. With Grey’s Anatomy going for it’s 12th season, Scandal on it’s 5th season and How To Get Away With Murder on its 2nd season everyone wonders, how does she do it all?

Shonda Rhimes is a 45-year-old screenwriter, director, and producer that is known for her heart throbbing, mysterious, and thought-provoking television shows on ABC. More than likely, The Catch will not be able to show on Thursday’s since the slots are already filled.

Please re arrange your schedules ladies and gentleman, because ShondaLand will be expanded to another day out of the week.

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