Sanaa Lathan’s Fashion Passion Board Featured On Pinterest’s New York Fashion Week Hub

by LP Green, II

Just weeks after jumping on board the trend for celebrities to join Pinterest, Actress Sanaa Lathan’s (The Best Man Holiday) ‘Fashion Passion’ Board ( has been “pinned” as one to follow on Pinterest’s New York Fashion Week Hub. The new hub, launched by Pinterest just one week before the coveted New York Fashion Week, features images and videos from several high-profile partners across fashion and media.

Pinterest partnered with over 100 influencers to populate and Sanaa Lathan’s ‘Fashion Passion’ board will appear among the other high profile fashion influencers such as Rachel Zoe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Huffington Post Style, Oscar de la Renta and Kate Spade. Sanaa Lathan is new to the world of pinning the trending, however in a few short weeks she has acquired an impressive 13,000+ followers. Exhibiting boards that feature photos from her film projects, her travels, classic photos of other Hollywood stars, and her love for food and shoes, Lathan’s social media popularity continues to tip the scales as one of the most socially watched celebrities.

The fame of Lathan’s latest social networking endeavor should come as no surprise. According to Facebook metrics, Lathan’s Facebook Fan Page, with 2.7 million fans, consistently ranks in the top five for celebrity female engagement. The Facebook Engagement Index is determined by evaluating the “People Talking About This” (PTAT) metric, an important metric which emphasizes interactions beyond an initial Facebook “Like.”  Most celebrities who have accumulated a large number of fans underperform in the area of engagement. Lathan’s posts consistently generate millions of impressions thereby placing her at the top of the chart. During the week of August 9th Lathan was ranked number one in Facebook celebrity female engagement, surpassing Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna and even Beyonce. It is Lathan’s high fan engagement that has captured the attention of the social media experts to join the likes of Michael Kors as a featured influencer on the Pinterest New York Fashion Week Hub, confirming that Sanaa continues to make her mark both on screen and off.

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