Radio Personality Takes 1,300 Mile Walk Against Racism And Fulfills His Promise To His Mother

by LP Green, II

A journey of 1,300 miles begins with a single step and Reggie Dee, Dallas native, community advocate and South Florida radio personality is beginning his journey from Dallas, Texas to West Palm Beach, Florida to raise awareness about the effects of racism!

The inspiration came to Reggie Dee, after a conversation with his dying mother in 2009, who had a soft tissue sarcoma.  He shared with his mother that he wanted to coordinate a walk to raise awareness about cancer – she encouraged him to walk for something else.  “Before she passed, Reggie said, “our last conversation was about my desire to organize a walk against cancer.”  She said, ‘No, do something different.  Is there anything else you want to change?’  I said racism.”  It was at that moment, that the idea for “Walk with Me Against Racism” was born.

On February 1, 2015 Reggie’s dream and the dream of his mother was realized.  He began his 1,300 mile journey in his hometown of Dallas, Texas at the Friendship West Baptist Church and will make his final destination of West Palm Beach, Florida on Saturday, February 28th.  His walk will take him through five states including: Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

The timing of the event is no coincidence, Reggie will be making his 1,300 mile journey and raising awareness about racism throughout Black History Month.

Since taking that first step on February 1st, Reggie has already made his way through Texas and Louisiana conquering 440 miles.  As of today he has crossed the Mississippi border.

Thousands of supporters are tracking his progress, countless enthusiasts have approached Reggie along his route to provide donations, well-wishes, cheers, and to even walk some miles with him.  With every step that he takes, he is shedding light on an issue that continues to plague many Americans – racism, inspiring those he meets, and making friends along the way.

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