Newly Launched Book by Eric McNeal Helps Teens and Young Adults Overcome Failure

by LP Green, II

Everyone loves to talk about their successes and bookstores are loaded with volumes about how to achieve success. Seminars and workshops teach people how to succeed at work, at love, at weight loss, at fitness, and at life in general.

Experts are ready to tell you exactly how to live your life, from when to get up in the morning and what to eat for breakfast to how to ensure a good night’s sleep, in order to succeed. But there is one detail no one likes to dwell on, although it is essential to success. That is failure. For many, discussing failure is taboo.

Is true success the ability to keep learning from your failures and trying again? How can one do that? These are the questions tackled by Eric McNeal in his just released book, Diary of a Failure: The Art of Failing Your Way to Success.

The teen and young adult years are a vulnerable time. Opportunities to fail are easy to find and easy to fall into with good intentions; chances for success are often less than obvious. Eric McNeal knows both success and failure very well. He had a life of success with one major failure that resulted in a prison sentence. But McNeal used his time to do something positive develop his book Diary of a Failure: The Art of Failing Your Way to Success to communicate what he’s learned to a younger audience.

Diary of a Failure is the tale of two friends on very different tracks told in a simple and engaging style for younger readers. In their separate diary entries, the two narrate how their paths move further and further apart as one is willing to risk failure if she can learn from it and the other attempts to avoid failure by never trying. Each examines their own motivations and logic as well as their inability to understand the other as they both mature and grow apart. It is a great read for teens, young adults or anyone struggling with a fear of failure.

Diary of a Failure: The Art of Failing Your Way to Success by Eric McNeal is available in print and eBook. You can visit his website at to purchase.

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