Miami: A Destination That’s So Focused on Its People and Places

by LP Green, II

The famous comedian Jackie Gleason’s television show always opened with …”Live from Miami Beach…” and it has become a destination location where people come alive. With beautiful beaches, entrancing nightlife, exotic cuisine and fascinating people, Miami encompasses an exciting and diverse array of tourist attractions and cultural delights in its multifaceted landscape and emerging neighborhoods. Tourists flock to “Magic City” that Miami is known as worldwide to capture its essence and enjoy a truly magical experience.

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Embracing the theme, “It’s So Miami – People and Places”, the city spotlights that many attractions that have caused it to be the backdrop for many television shows and major movies. Whether it involves boating along the oceans or the canals, or driving along the famous avenues and beachfront neighborhoods included the world famous Miami Beach.

Others may prefer to walk the palm lined streets and enjoy the tropical breezes and festive, art deco architecture of South Beach while enjoying a colorful beverage or delightful meal at the numerous outdoor restaurants. Miami has a wide range of attractions for its visitors and the exceptional weather that it enjoys for the majority of the year makes it a sight-seers dream vacation. Miami is a city that you can walk, drive or boat around depending on what you want to see or do. Known worldwide for its expansive beaches and luxury hotels, the focus is to showcase a wide range of exciting activities and cultural locations that expand Miami’s tourism profile.

In addition to the well known neighborhoods including South Beach and Miami Beach, Miami is also home to other popular locations such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne that provide a more laid back experience and ample opportunities to enjoy water sports or local attractions and great foods of the world. The diversity of the city’s inhabitants is highlighted in its cultural neighborhoods including Little Havana, Overtown/Liberty City and Little Haiti. Start with a famous Cuban breakfast in Little Havana and interact with a population that has had a significant influence on Miami’s infrastructure and visit Overtown for lunch to sample soul food and soul stirring history from the African-American community with an evening wrap in Little Haiti for a dining experience in Haitian cuisine tinged with French influences.

Begin another day with a tour of Miami’s Downtown where visitors can engage in visual delights at major art exhibits and scientific innovations. Among the “hidden gems” in Miami are the museums, visual outdoor attractions or colorful neighborhoods that add to the mosaic of the area that makes it memorable whether it is the first time or fiftieth time for a visitor. Many young professionals, who are initially drawn to Miami’s beaches, are planting roots in Brickell, which is the financial center of Miami where its international transactions take place making the city even more appealing and robust.

Miami is home to a distinct collection of hotels including boutique hotels, green certified hotels and luxury hotels that meet the requirements of all of Miami’s discerning visitors including fine dining and entertainment facilities, world renowned art galleries and historical centers.

Each popular and cultural site has its own unique characteristic that enhances the experience for tourists and residents alike. Additionally, Miami is growing in popularity as a travel destination and convention site as well as a high end residential location such as Aventura, which has the largest mall in the area that is surrounded by lush residential communities and great shopping.

4th of July firework demonstrations, cultural events, street festivals, beach parties, sporting events and major concerts are just the beginning of the fun in Miami and many events are free. Tour packages include trips to historical monuments including the Freedom Tower to reflect Miami’s ethnic diversity or Broadway- caliber performances at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County.

Having close proximity to Caribbean islands including the Bahamas, provides an additional gateway for entertaining day trips and a return to rousing entertainment or quiet beach walks. From weddings, major conventions, music festivals, cultural events to beach parties, intimate reunions, sweet retreats or shopping sprees – with non- stop action or laid back atmosphere – Miami is focused on providing the ultimate experience.

By Meta J. Mereday

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