James L. Chappuis, MD, FACS, Founder of Westside Cultural Arts Center and Anthony Liggins Partner to Launch Collective One Gallery

by LP Green, II

Collective One Gallery, a contemporary art gallery dedicated to the collective expression and celebration of the arts and artists internationally, nationally, and regionally, announces its selection of Anthony Liggins as Creative Director and Partner.  As Creative Director, the artist is driving the vehicle for collaborations with artists from around the globe, overseeing all aspects of artist and exhibition selections. Anthony Liggins’ work is represented in over 3200 public and private collections from around the world.

“After building my foundation in the Atlanta art community over 20 years ago, it only feels natural to take a leadership role in collectively bringing great art and artists to Atlanta. I’m extremely motivated by the 600+ people that packed Westside Cultural Arts Center and Collective One Gallery on Saturday night to celebrate what my business partner, Dr. James Chappuis has created. The art, the ambiance but most of all, hundreds of collectors and friends who have supported my work through the years were there to celebrate and join the cause,” shared Anthony Liggins.

While the emphasis of the night was Liggins’ Soul Diaries exhibition, soulful expressions of Liggins’ abstract paintings of mixed- media, the night served as a collective exchange of conversation by some of the cities most prominent; as well as, eclectic art collectors.

“Collective One Gallery is dedicated to becoming a staple in the Atlanta art community. The gallery is excited to partner with Anthony Liggins, a respected trailblazer in the Atlanta creative community for over 20 years. Our vision is to support and expand the Atlanta arts community by providing a collective vehicle to bring like minds together for great collaborations,” said Dr. James Chappuis, Founder of Westside Cultural Arts Center, Collective One Gallery and SpineCenterAtlanta.



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