Iron Mountain: How Iron Mountain is Creating a Culture of Belonging

by Savoy Staff

Iron Mountain’s holistic approach to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is unique in the sense that we are tackling the transformation of our culture. We recognize that it is not just about recruiting underrepresented groups but creating a culture where the words we say are matched by a universal sense of belonging — where every individual feels their contributions are valued, THEIR VOICE IS HEARD, and all employees have the opportunity to achieve their goals and meet the needs of our customers. It is imperative that the people we recruit WANT to stay.

Culture transformation requires, among other things, a sustainable DEI strategy that relies on the creation of enterprise[1]wide DEI aspirations for which all employees have ownership and accountability. It also requires embedding inclusion and equity into all talent and business processes. To accomplish this, we are utilizing a strategic framework with six key components:

Measurement & Evaluation: The essence of the strategy – guides action, monitors progress and strengthens accountability.

Training: Utilizing a comprehensive enterprise-wide training strategy that educates everyone about workplace diversity, hiring and promoting practices, building inclusive teams, improving employee engagement and counteracting unconscious bias.

Communication: Ensuring we apply a DEI lens to all internal and external communications.

Senior Management leadership and behaviors: Culture starts at the top – our Executive Team must be our living and breathing examples. They must be “ALL IN”. They must be committed and believe that DEI is a leadership competency – a mindset.

Management practices and processes: At Iron Mountain, one of our company values is to promote inclusion and teamwork. Naturally, our leaders embrace this mindset and recognize we must continue to audit our systems, processes, practices and policies to ensure our structures facilitate inclusiveness.

Rewards and Recognition: We remain focused on the development, retention and promotion of our Mountaineers. Ensuring that we are equipping them with what they need to succeed, including programs that support their physical and mental wellbeing.

We are on this culture transformation journey together, and it is critical that every Mountaineer understand that they are not only accountable for delivering business results but doing so by making diversity and inclusion part of our DNA. Our teams continuously assess their attitudes and behaviors to ensure we are ALL creating a culture of belonging.

One important step we have taken is our commitment to women and people of color in leadership roles around the world. Iron Mountain made a commitment to have women represent 40% of global leadership and people of color represent 30% of US leadership by 2025. Iron Mountain’s greatest strength lies in our employees who are part of a large global organization. With respect to DEI, we ensured that we did not merely export our U.S. initiatives to our global regions by “establishing a global strategy that is locally relevant”. We empower our regional offices to run their DEI initiatives in a way that is important and most relevant to their communities.

Truly creating a culture of belonging takes commitment and support from each and every employee. The Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is supported by our North America-based and global region-based Employee Resources Groups (ERGs), Business Unit-led DEI Councils, and the Global DEI Council which is chaired by our CEO. These groups help to champion this mindset across the global organization.

Culture transformation is not easy, and it is not quick. It is the commitment of our leaders’ and Mountaineers’ willingness to embark upon this difficult & courageous journey that makes Iron Mountain’s approach unique. Climbing higher together, supporting our unique & diverse perspectives will allow us to reach the summit.

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