Gallagher: Elevating DEI to Help Clients Face their Future with Confidence

Corporate attention to the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has been gaining momentum over the past decade. Not only are companies increasingly compelled to examine DEI as a people strategy, but also as an invaluable risk management strategy.

Historically, the insurance world has been slow to adopt diversity and inclusion practices. Supplier diversity partnerships have been surface-level, pass-through opportunities. Gallagher saw the negative impacts of this approach across the industry and made it a priority to develop a more holistic model to support the growth of women, minority-owned and other diverse certified businesses, and better serve our clients.

To improve in this area, we must first help leaders and employees understand that bringing in diverse talent is not just about philanthropy. It is about being more client-centric, bringing more innovation to the table, and delivering better outcomes for clients. The effects of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization can be felt across an enterprise—from mitigating discrimination claims, to winning the war on talent, increasing profits by managing your total cost of risk, and improving employee well-being.

Gallagher Connect Partners, our network of minority-owned firms, is here to do just that. Our platform is born out of our shared value system and ethical tradition, which compel us to work in genuine partnership with others. We believe strongly in connecting with partners who believe in doing what is best for the client.

This platform provides our clients with risk management and nontraditional solutions to increase their diverse spend with a diverse group of suppliers. Gallagher Connect Partners became our inclusive network of diverse certified insurance firms, formed to combat the traditional arrangement by (1) vetting partners to ensure specialization and (2) nurturing inclusive and proactive partnerships with diverse trading partners—ensuring a meaningful experience for suppliers and clients alike.

Co-brokering with insurance agencies and insurance consulting firms who are strategically selected to be part of our network based on their unique perspectives and capabilities enables us to deliver high[1]quality, innovative solutions that meet our client’s needs. Our platform is comprised of a growing network of 65+ diverse-certified partners in 40+ states. This allows us to provide tailored risk management programs to clients through our partners’ local expertise and Gallagher’s global reach, and also empower clients to meet or exceed their supplier diversity goals through their risk management spend.

Our aspiration doesn’t stop there. We believe that our strategic partnerships create a mutually beneficial value proposition. Gallagher offers assistance to our diverse partners to help them generate business success in exchange for the opportunity to make Gallagher better through the expertise and feedback of our partners.

In 2021, Gallagher launched the Gallagher DEI Consulting Group, which is the first of its kind and a consortium of DEI consultants who have come together to create a single point of contact to help our clients navigate their risk by creating a more diverse and inclusive culture. Another testament to our commitment and innovation is the awards and recognition the organization has earned. Driven by the leaders of Gallagher Connect Partners, Rodney Johnson and Larry Phillips, who have been recognized for their efforts to propel the insurance industry forward.

As we have shared, DEI is imperative for organizational well-being—boosting health, engagement, and profitability for your business and your people. The result is a truly comprehensive strategy, empowering you to face the future with confidence. Whether you are just starting your DEI journey or fine-tuning your existing strategy, Gallagher is committed to helping you build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Above all, we take pride in the community we’ve built—a collaborative network of clients, partners, and Gallagher.

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