Louis J. Hutchinson, III

by Edward Cates
Louis J. Hutchinson, III
Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer
WGL Holdings, Inc. and Washington Gas

Louis J. Hutchinson, III is Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for WGL Holdings, Inc. (WGL) and Washington Gas. In this role, he is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications for WGL, WGL Energy and Washington Gas. He is also responsible for building an integrated business platform that enables WGL to compete more effectively and to create and capture more market opportunities, leveraging the entirety of WGL’s portfolio to achieve sustainable and long-term growth.


In his position as Chief Revenue Officer, Dr. Hutchinson leads all enterprise-wide revenue initiatives, including the implementation of WGL’s brand strategy and oversight of its deployment across all associated business functions consistent with applicable laws and regulations. He has also assumed responsibility for positioning WGL externally in target markets to drive growth and achieve earnings objectives.


In 2015, Dr. Hutchinson’s first full year in his role at WGL, he transformed the company to increase cross-functional collaboration, realigned the business strategy to meet the growing market demand for diversified and tailored energy answers, and unveiled an energy offering called Distributed Impact ™, energy systems that increase security, reliability and efficiency.


Hutchinson holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Statistics from the George Washington University.

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