Lisa Egbuonu-Davis, MD

by Justin Cates
Lisa Egbuonu-Davis, MD
Vice President, Medical Innovations
DH Diagnostics LLC
Serves on Board of Directors for: Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc.

Lisa Egbuonu-Davis, MD is Vice President, Medical Innovations, Danaher Diagnostics Platform, provides medical and clinical input to the innovation strategy, projects, and investments across the Diagnostics platform.

Egbuonu-Davis leads the MD Council of diagnostic physicians, which enhances the medical value of our solutions by influencing strategy and investment decisions, driving engagement, and sharing best practices to support product research, development, and commercialization.

Previously, Egbuonu-Davis was Vice President, Global Patient-Centered Outcomes and Solutions at Sanofi, Inc.

Egbuonu-Davis serves on the Board of Trustees of Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.

Egbuonu-Davis has a B.S. in biology from MIT and an MBA in health care management from Wharton; she earned an MD and MPH (epidemiology) degrees from Johns Hopkins, completed her pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (board-certified in pediatrics).

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