Candy Gee

by Justin Cates
Candy Gee
Chief Diversity Officer
Roche Diagnostics North America

Candy Gee is Chief Diversity Officer, Roche Diagnostics North America.

In this role, Candy is responsible for providing thought leadership on diversity, inclusion and belonging across the organization.

Candy joined Roche Diagnostics in 2002 and has held a number of roles in commercial operations, business support, IT, site services and human resources. Candy gained extensive international experience when she relocated to Rotkreuz, Switzerland, for three years to lead a team responsible for implementing a singular global system for call center and field service support.

In 2016, Candy transitioned back to the Roche Indianapolis campus as strategic projects director, to direct local and global strategic initiatives. She was accountable for analyzing, recommending, and implementing initiatives across the organization to drive significant change aimed at achieving sitewide goals.

In this role, Candy created the Indianapolis campus Site Identity, which highlights the people, business, culture, and ways of working in Indianapolis. As part of this project, Candy developed a common story that all employees can relate to and be inspired by.

Candy holds a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Industrial Management with minors in Computer Science and Manufacturing Management.

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