Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Ms. Sunday is Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity Affairs, Nordstrom, Inc. Her responsibilities are on recruitment and succession planning, learning and development, recognition and retention programs, and compensation and benefits supporting more than 52,000 employees. She is currently an executive team member. In 2007, under the leadership of the executive team, the company achieved a record 8.8 billion in sales, best-ever gross margin performance and the highest net income in the company’s history.

Delena also oversees the company’s diversity initiatives. Delena supports regional Diversity Affairs directors around the country reinforcing Nordstrom’s commitment through continued efforts in the areas of employment and promotion, training, and community relations. In addition, Delena and her team continue to make the Supplier Diversity program a priority. Expenditures for this program exceeded $600 million in the past year, bringing total expenditures to $8.7 billion since the program’s inception in 1989.

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