After releasing four studio albums that have earned platinum sales, singer Bobby V has decided to take his music in a new direction.

The R&B crooner, who currently lives in Atlanta, first earned widespread fame in 2005 with his self-titled debut album Bobby Valentino, which featured his popular single “Slow Down.”

Since then, he has been on a continuous winning streak and has released music that consistently has solidified his stature in the genre.

But now, the singer is hoping to deliver more with his new extended play album, which will introduce a variety of sounds, instruments and vocals.

“After making albums with contemporary R&B, I needed a change and wanted to do something real that has substance to it and that’s me performing with my band and playing the piano” Valentino told theGrio in a phone interview.

His forthcoming EP, titled Peach Moon, syncs Bobby V’s vocals to the sounds of live instruments – an approach he believes will help to create a more classic and soulful vibe.

Along with Valentino’s piano-playing skills, live trumpets, guitars, violins and drums are also featured on the album, which allows listeners to explore more of the singer’s range.

“For a minute I lost my love for music and I got tired of listening to the radio,” Valentino admitted. “But I found a new love in the piano and performing with my band made me want to do this.”

“Back to Love” is one of the first singles to be released from the new album and the signer explained that the upbeat ballad holds a special significance to him.

“It’s about me going back to love with music and  everything with myself,” he says. “It was the perfect single to show what this EP is all about. The record really means a lot to me.”

It took Valentino close to four months to create, produce and perfect Peach Moon – and while he says it excludes all party tracks and slow jams, many of the songs have a good tempo and groove.

While some of his earlier work featured collaborations with stars like Ludacris, Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, Valentino says Peach Moon is a “different kind of project” that will focus more on his solo work.

“I just wanted to do something different [with Peach Moon],” he said. “I wanted to give people real music.”

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