Head of Diversity Affairs and Multicultural Marketing
Denny’s, Inc.

Ms. Kelly-Drummond serves as the key liaison with major minority organizations and works tirelessly to build productive partnerships in the communities that Denny’s serves and responsible for leading Denny’s Diversity Affairs team, April manages the department’s overarching objectives: to help prepare and equip the workforce to value and manage cultural diversity and to leverage the diversity that surrounds the retail food industry into a business advantage. In recent years, and due in great part to April’s contributions over her 17 years with the company.

Kelly-Drummond spends a great deal of her time as a spokesperson for Denny’s building relationships in local, regional and national diversity organizations. She oversees Denny’s national sponsorship of various community relations and diversity programs with a focus on positioning the Denny’s brand as the leader in diversity and inclusion.

Kelly-Drummond is a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate South Carolina Chapter and the NAACP Florida State Conference.

Kelly-Drummond attended the College of Charleston to pursue her BA degree.

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