Innovative Leadership: Anré Williams, Group President of Global Merchant & Network Services for American Express
Anré Williams, Group President of Global Merchant & Network Services for American Express, leads the businesses...
Engaging Employees Through Inclusion & Diversity
At National Grid, we have 16,000 employees who are diverse in every way. As individuals, we are all unique. We celebrate that and encourage employees to respect each other’s differences as strengths. Whether we are speaking about diversity from an ethnic, cultural, racial or gender perspective,... Read more
McCormick & Co.’s Success Based on Smart Hires, Inclusive Culture
McCormick & Co. has been an institution and an icon to professional and home cooks for more than 127 years. Our commitment to the quality sourcing of spices to create a host of seasonings, fl avors and blends is at the core of our relationship to... Read more
Michael Hyter, Managing Partner, Korn Ferry Driving Innovation in the Human Capital industry
Michael (Mike) Hyter, Managing Partner at Korn Ferry, continues to make innovative paths in the Human Capital industry as a senior leader in Korn Ferry‘s Advisory Group. His work within the CEO and Executive Development practice is well regarded around developing CEO Successors, C-Suite leaders and... Read more
JPMorgan Chase Advancing Black Leaders
As a child, Donald Felix watched his mother wake up at 4 a.m. each morning and rush off to work an eight-hour shift as a nursing assistant. She then traveled an hour and a half to her other job, where she worked another eight hours. Felix... Read more
Driving Inclusion with Purpose
At Huntington, we hold tight to the most important thing: people. It’s why we’re in business. It’s how we do business. And that means including everyone — people from every community, with unique talents, bright ideas and different points of view. Opportunities for Impact We know... Read more