McCormick & Co.’s Success Based on Smart Hires, Inclusive Culture

by LP Green, II

McCormick & Co. has been an institution and an icon to professional and home cooks for more than 127 years. Our commitment to the quality sourcing of spices to create a host of seasonings, fl avors and blends is at the core of our relationship to generations of consumers. “The Taste You Trust” is not only one of our Corporate Principles but a promise to cooks everywhere who trust McCormick to be the fl avor of choice for their most cherished memories.

With a workforce of 11,000 employees around the globe, we know that a rich collection of inspired teams, much like the ingredients in a favorite dish, yield the best results. Currently, McCormick’s employees are creating a unique set of initiatives and commitments that we know make us a stronger company.

Our efforts include the following:

Purpose-led Performance

In October, McCormick released its 2017 Purpose-led Performance (PLP) Report, which examines McCormick’s commitment to delivering top-tier financial results with responsibility to the long-term vitality of people, communities and the planet. It encompasses our belief in acting ethically and transparently, while always striving to do what’s right.

As one of our five key Principles, PLP is formally embedded in McCormick’s strategic roadmap and is critical to realizing our Mission: To Make Every Meal and Moment Better. The report highlights the company’s efforts to improve the health and well-being of all people; build vibrant communities where we live, work and source; and make a positive impact on the planet.

The report includes McCormick’s commitments to improve the livelihoods of 90% of smallholder farmers who grow its iconic herbs and spices; champion equality for women and people of color globally; and empower women farmers across the company’s supply chain.

Diversity Award and Employee Ambassador Groups

McCormick’s efforts in diversity and inclusion are being recognized nationally. The company placed 45th on the list of global organizations by DiversityInc, which highlights successes and best practices that promote the growth and advancement of underrepresented groups in the workplace. The award criteria include talent pipeline; equitable talent development; CEO/senior leadership commitment and supplier diversity.

McCormick also continues to grow its Employee Ambassador Groups (EAG). Approximately 1,000 employee members currently participate in EAGs globally with groups focused on women, people of color, veterans, young professionals and the LGBTQ community.


In 2016, McCormick launched Ignite, a new global leadership experience for women leaders who have the potential to strongly contribute to the company’s future success. Ignite, in alignment with McCormick’s talent goals, will engage business leaders, program participants and their managers to leverage the power of inclusion, and enable diverse talent to reach their full potential and position McCormick for sustainable growth. The first cohort of delegates was announced in early 2017 and in that time, members have taken part in various workshops and mentorship functions to foster learning and development.

Diversity and Inclusion Day

McCormick’s Diversity and Inclusion Day began five years ago, and its impact has quickly spread in the United States and internationally. More than 350 employees attended the in-person event in 2017, along with over 1,500 employees logging in from around the globe. More than 20 countries participated in the daylong program, including colleagues in France, the UK, Poland, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador, China, Spain and Italy. Participants learned about ways to create a more inclusive work environment, address unconscious bias and foster engagement among teammates.

Flavor For Life

In Spring 2016, McCormick launched a new charitable giving program called Flavor For Life. The program is designed to improve health outcomes in communities by educating kids, families and individuals on how to reduce salt, sugar and fat in meals, while increasing flavor through the use of herbs and spices. We partnered with American Heart Association, the United Way of Central Maryland and the Y of Central Maryland to help share this message and work with the communities we serve.

In Flavor For Life’s first year, the program:

Positively impacted more than 30,000 people across Maryland, including 3,500 kids, 8,300 families, 8,200 individuals and 600 churches.

Contributed $250,000 to programs that inspire healthy choices in our communities.

Designated $338,500 in employee contributions to Flavor For Life through charitable giving selections.

McCormick is proud of its inclusive workplace culture that celebrates the Power of People™, and it is this culture that helps us remain a desirable place to build a strong and lasting career.

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