McCormick & Co.’s Success Based on Smart Hires, Inclusive Culture
McCormick & Co. has been an institution and an icon to professional and home cooks for more than 127 years. Our commitment to the quality sourcing of spices to create a host of seasonings, fl avors and blends is at the core of our relationship to... Read more
Map Your D&I Journey
“We Are One Fannie Mae” is one of our core values and a value we try to live up to every day. We approach all of our business activities, D&I initiatives, events and programs with this core value in mind. It is how we collaborate together... Read more
Q&A with James Mobley, Cisco’s Vice President of Security, Collaboration and IoT Services
How did you learn to lead and who were your early examples? Playing football in East Texas, where I grew up, our coaches stressed not only the importance of winning, but winning with class. They taught us to be overly prepared – to try to anticipate... Read more
Tavis Smiley and Corporate Diversity Featured in Savoy Summer Issue
Savoy Magazine’s Summer 2015 issue focuses on the corporations and executives that are leading diversity and inclusion across influential brands and companies. Tavis Smiley, radio and television host and author is featured on the cover with an exclusive interview detailing J.J. Abrams adapting his book on... Read more
UPMC is a proven integrated delivery and health finance system — the first of its kind in western Pennsylvania. We have 20 academic, community, and specialty hospitals, more than 500 doctors’ offices and outpatient sites, employ 3,500 physicians, insure 2.5 million health plan members, and offer... Read more