Volta Industries Welcomes Google Executive Bonita Stewart to Board of Directors

by savoystaff

Volta Industries, Inc. (Volta), an industry leader in commerce-centric electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, announced  that Bonita C. Stewart, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Google Inc., is joining their Board of Directors.

Ms. Stewart brings Volta more than three decades’ experience leading multi-billion dollar operations, accelerating digital technology adoption and driving business transformation for major corporations in the IT, automotive and technology fields. As a former executive at DaimlerChrysler AG (now Daimler AG), she developed strategy and oversaw all interactive communications for the Chrysler Group brands and led innovative online initiatives to enhance consumer experience. In her current role as VP of Global Partnerships at Google, Ms. Stewart directs strategy, revenue and partner management for the largest U.S. publishers across search, mobile applications, commerce, news, broadcast, telecommunications and domains.

“Bonita’s leadership and expertise is a key addition to our Board,” said Chris Wendel, Co-Founder and President of Volta. “Bonita made an indelible mark on Chrysler by identifying disruptive technologies and bringing them into the industry at the outset. By learning to leverage these technologies and eventually becoming a market leader on digital technology adoption, Bonita had a transformational impact on the consumer experience across the automotive industry. Her perspective on Volta’s Board will be invaluable, particularly as we accelerate our expansion and reach.”

Unique to the EV market, Volta’s business model centers around evolving spending habits caused by the move to electric vehicles by building a charging infrastructure that reinforces desired behaviors at each location. Volta’s charging stations feature large eye-catching digital displays that function as a sophisticated media network, providing brands a way to reach shoppers moments before they enter a store. These sponsor-supported charging stations provide energy to customers who are able to plug in their vehicles where and when they shop. Volta’s business partners who choose to have Volta charging stations installed report an increase in spend, dwell time and engagement on site. Currently located in 23 states and over 200 municipalities, Volta’s approach has gained significant acceptance and penetration in the market.

“The transition away from gas to providing clean energy is consumer-centric and has a broader, climate-focused mission. I’m excited to join Volta as it helps anchor this transformational change,” said Ms. Stewart. “Volta’s model of charging your car where you already are is how the re-imagined fueling infrastructure should be built. Combining that infrastructure with programmatic advertising changes the model of how consumers fuel, disrupts the industry and provides great convenience for consumers.”

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