UBS Launches Reimagined Wealth Management Experience for Multicultural Investors

by savoystaff

UBS today announced the launch of the Multicultural Investors Strategic Client Segment, focused on meeting the needs of US investors from three of the largest racial and ethnic groups — Asian-American, Black, and Hispanic and Latino with investable assets of USD 1 million and above.

Led by Melinda Hightower, Head of Multicultural Investors Strategic Client Segment, UBS Global Wealth Management, the segment will seek to build and enhance the UBS ecosystem to more effectively serve and benefit all investors through an inclusive, innovative experience. The segment will deliver wealth management insights, inclusive investment solutions for investors who want to use their wealth to drive inclusion efforts, and advice to multicultural investors and their allies.

“Multicultural investors are a sizable, yet underserved audience that are actively seeking wealth management advice,” said Melinda. “While investors often have the same overarching goals — to grow and preserve their wealth — their investment priorities, motivation, and views can differ widely across and within cultural groups, so it’s crucial we are prepared to support them on their wealth management journey.”

Melinda joined UBS in 2021 from JPMorgan Chase & Co., where she managed large client relationships and advised entrepreneurs, executives, and investors, delivering the firm’s wealth management capabilities. In addition, Melinda developed and implemented engagement strategies for diverse prospects and clients and drove select firm diversity initiatives and partnerships. With over 20 years of experience, Melinda deeply understands the nuances of the segment.

UBS’s Financial Advisors across the US will work in close collaboration with the Multicultural Investors Strategic Client Segment to attract and serve their client’s individual needs. They will have access to multicultural-focused content that will explore the intersection between culture, art, philanthropy, and sustainability to help provide their clients and prospects with unique, community-building experiences and advice.

“At UBS, we are reimagining the power of investing by adapting to the needs and preferences of current and prospective clients, as a result of the evolving financial landscape and societal shifts,” said Jason Chandler, Head of UBS Wealth Management USA. “We believe it’s important to expand the multicultural wealth narrative, take action and show tangible progress to ensure multicultural investors receive the guidance and advice they need to bridge the trust gap with the financial services community.”

The new Multicultural Investors Strategic Client Segment joins UBS’s existing suite of services targeted to focused client segments that include women, business owners, athletes and entertainers, and most recently, the rising generation. To learn more, visit:


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