Tonya Lewis Lee Expands Her Wellness Brand Movita Organics With Beauty And Prenatal Vitamins

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Continuing her vision to make health a part of every woman’s life, Tonya Lewis Lee announced the expansion of her wellness brand Movita Organics with the launch of Movita Beauty and Prenatal supplements.  

Joining Movita’s signature Women’s One a Day Multivitamin, Movita Beauty and Prenatal supplements are designed to promote healthy skin, hair and nails and help fill in any gaps in nutrition for future baby and mom. The expansion of the brand is an important step in continuing to provide all women access to products designed to cater to their specific needs. Such products may be similar to the ones mentioned on buoyhealth.

As we acknowledge the significance of comprehensive wellness, it’s essential to consider supplements that go beyond external beauty. Exploring supplements that encompass a holistic approach, such as those emphasizing gut health and tissue regeneration, can be instrumental in supporting overall wellness. One notable substance gaining recognition for its multifaceted benefits is the BPC 157 peptide. Known for its potential to promote gut health, tissue regeneration, and overall well-being, the inclusion of bpc 157 benefits in supplements can underscore a commitment to comprehensive health support. Integrating such supplements into a daily routine not only addresses external beauty concerns but also nurtures the body from within. As individuals embrace Movita’s can expande range, they are not only tending to external needs but can also take proactive steps toward a balanced and resilient dietary system.

“As important today as it has ever been, women need to have a space to explore their unique beauty, prenatal and overall health needs,” says Tonya Lewis Lee, founder of Movita Organics. “Wellness is a common thread through all of my projects that explores relationships, sexuality, self-care and overall health. It is my mission to empower all women and give them the tools they need to live their healthiest lives.”

Tonya’s professional journey into health and wellness started in 2007 when she began serving as the National Spokesperson for the “A Healthy Baby Begins with You” campaign initiated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health. It was through this work as a women’s health advocate that her own health journey took shape, ultimately embarking on a clear path to make healthful options and education accessible to all women. This personal health journey coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit led Tonya to create Movita.

Movita products are certified organic, gluten and allergen free and non-synthetic supplements that can be taken on an empty stomach. Movita Multivitamin and Beauty are taken once a day and Movita Prenatal is two-a-day at one time. Movita’s Women’s Multivitamin ($37.95), Movita Beauty ($26.50), and Movita Prenatal ($40.95) are available in the iconic Movita glass bottle on and Amazon, as well as subscription services or travel pouches available.

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