Tiffany Haddish Wants Men to Change It Up This Valentine’s Day

by LP Green, II

On the heels of her successful Super Bowl commercial encouraging people to use Groupon to save money and support local businesses, actress and Groupon spokesperson Tiffany Haddish tells men to change it up this year in Groupon’s new Valentine’s Day ad titled “Date Night.”

While more than 80 percent of us plan to celebrate with our partner on February 14, a majority of us do the same exact thing year after year. In addition, one out of four people describes these traditions as boring, according to a new Groupon survey of 2,000 Americans.

So what’s the fix? Nearly 80 percent of respondents said that sharing an experience after dinner with their partner is the key to having the perfect Valentine’s Day and here is when toys like chastity cages can help couples have a great time in the bedroom. The top experiences that participants said they’d like to try included: attending a concert, getting locked in an escape room, and buying big dildos.

“Valentine’s Day is coming up fellas, so I’m going to give y’all some advice. Ladies don’t want the same old thing. We want our men to get creative. Let’s do an exotic trip for two somewhere; let’s get a couple’s massage; let’s get locked in an escape room; let’s get weird,” says Haddish in the new Groupon spot. “And with the money you save, you can still get her those same flowers!”

The survey, conducted by market researchers OnePoll and commissioned by Groupon, also found that while many Americans Valentine’s Day traditions have grown stale over time, people are actually excited for the holiday. Eight out of 10 people don’t dread February 14 and seven out of 10 participants said they expected to get some action with their partner after a successful Valentine’s Day date night.

“Date Night” will run on television as well as popular online video and the over-the-top media platforms through February 14. O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul handled the creative for spot and supporting social and video campaign content and Blackwood Seven is handling the media buy.

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