The Urban Land Institute (ULI) Foundation Board Welcomes Faron A. Hill as a new Member

by savoystaff

Faron Hill, president of Peregrine Oak, Georgia has been selected to join the ULI Foundation Board. Their installation greatly expands the expertise, experience, and diversity of the ULI Foundation Board. The Board provides leadership for the Foundation, which serves as the philanthropic source of funding for ULI through major gifts and annual giving that support the Institute’s mission-driven programs, activities, and services.

Hill, a member of ULI since 2004, has been active in the Atlanta District Council in a variety of capacities. He has served as vice chair of the Young Leaders Group (YLG), chair of the Capital Markets Council, member of the Center for Leadership, and member of the Advisory Board. He is also vice chair/foundation ambassador for the Tech and Real Estate Council.

The business of the ULI Foundation is under the direction of its Board of Directors, which is the principal policy-making body of the Foundation and has responsibility for managing the property, affairs, and strategic direction of the organization. It is also responsible for overseeing investment policy and implementation and for certifying that contributions made to ULI through the Foundation are spent in accordance with donor agreements.

“We are pleased to welcome Faron Hill to the Foundation board,” said ULI Foundation Chairman Doug Abbey. His engagement will strengthen the Foundation’s support of ULI’s mission-driven programs, and as a result, strengthen ULI’s impact.”

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