Sion Power Promotes Michael Canada to Chief Operations Officer

by savoystaff

Sion Power Corporation (Sion Power), a leading technology developer of next-generation batteries for electric vehicles (EV), announced Michael Canada’s promotion to Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Canada’s new position will include overseeing and executing the company’s growth strategy and the continued expansion of the company’s targeted markets.

Previously, Mr. Canada held the position of Chief Manufacturing Officer with the company. The transition to the Chief Operations Officer will include the manufacturing expansion responsibilities Canada was initially brought on to Sion Power to execute. The company will make additional announcements on this expansion in the coming weeks.

“Michael has a demonstrated track record in operations, project management, and strategic planning that is essential to Sion Power’s ongoing success. I have no doubt Michael will be a crucial part of establishing Sion Power’s dominance in the rechargeable lithium metal space,” said Tracy Kelley, CEO.

Mr. Canada joined Sion Power in December of 2021. His previous position was President and CEO of EnerDel.

Sion Power advances the rechargeable battery industry with its Licerion® technology. Licerion® is an advanced approach to lithium-metal batteries containing twice the energy in the same size and weight battery, compared to a traditional lithium-ion battery. At up to 500 Wh/kg, Licerion batteries are produced at scale in large-format cells. As a result, Licerion® batteries have the potential to significantly enhance the performance of commercial and consumer electric vehicles.

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