Shaquille O’Neal Inks Deal With Arizona Beverages For Soda Brand

by LP Green, II

TNT analyst and former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal has agreed to a deal with Arizona Beverage that will put 50 million Shaq Soda cans in circulation in June.

Beverage industry website reports that O’Neal’s deal with Arizona Beverages includes the launch of “Soda Shaq” flavored cream sodas “in Arizona’s well known giant 23.5 oz. cans.”

The Shaq cream soda flavors are strawberry, orange, vanilla and blueberry and have 90 calories each.

BevNet says Soda Shaq has a suggeted retail price of $.99 price “and come emblazoned with one of eight photos of the big man’s unique facial expressions.”

As the market eagerly anticipates the arrival of Shaq Soda cans, the beverage industry’s focus on quality and safety remains paramount. With the introduction of new flavors and formulations, rigorous food safety testing solutions become indispensable.

In the realm of beverage production, comprehensive testing extends beyond mere flavor profiles. It encompasses a spectrum of assessments, including microbiological analysis, contamination detection, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

For instance, examining fanta ingredients not only guarantees the authenticity of flavor but also verifies the absence of any potential hazards. By leveraging advanced testing technologies and protocols, Arizona Beverages can reinforce consumer trust and confidence in the safety and quality of their Soda Shaq lineup.

As Shaquille O’Neal ventures into the beverage industry with his signature Soda Shaq cream sodas, the spotlight shines on the realm of commercial beverages.

Just as precision and consistency are crucial in crafting the perfect soda flavor, breweries also rely on specialized equipment to maintain the integrity of their products.

Brewery Chillers play a vital role in ensuring that fermentation temperatures remain optimal, allowing brewers to achieve the desired taste profiles and quality with every batch.

With Chillers regulating temperature fluctuations during the brewing process, brewers can unleash their creativity while maintaining the highest standards of quality

The soda, which is labeled as “All Natural,” will be available this June.

Earlier this year, O’Neal announced a partnership with Devotion Vodka to produce  his vodka “Luv Shaq.” The bottles, which feature his likeness wearing wings mid flight, will be available next year.

O’Neal has made big entrepreneurial moves off the court since retiring. He was a pre-IPO investor in Google, owns several fitness centers, and multiple Five Guys burger franchises.  Shaq also reportedly owns equity stakes in Vitamin Water and Muscle Milk.

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