Radicle Science Welcomes Former FTC Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour to Strategic Advisory Board

by savoystaff

Radicle Science, award-winning healthtech B-corp and Proof-as-a-Service pioneer, proudly announces the appointment of Pamela Jones Harbour, the first African-American female Commissioner of the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), to its Strategic Advisory Board. Harbour’s addition underscores Radicle Science’s deep commitment to innovative research and regulatory compliance for the dietary supplement industry.

Harbour’s expertise in regulatory and consumer protection law comes at a critical time as the dietary supplement industry navigates evolving expectations. In December of 2022, the FTC released updated Health Products Compliance Guidance, the organization’s first update in 25-years to guide the dietary supplement industry, clarifying “competent and reliable scientific evidence” requirements for the substantiation of health claims.  Changing consumer expectations add to the industry pressure, with McKinsey’s 2024 Future of Wellness Survey stating “Efficacy and scientific credibility are two of the most important factors for consumers when selecting wellness products.”

“I am honored to join Radicle Science at a time when regulatory and market forces have rendered proof of effectiveness a ‘must have’ for dietary supplements and other wellness products,” remarked Harbour.  “Not only does Radicle’s transformative Proof-as-a-Service approach provide gold-standard clinical evidence that aligns with expectations from the FDA, FTC, consumers, and healthcare providers, but the large scale and the diversity of their study populations pave the path towards personalized treatments for the population at large.  That’s the kind of health equity I am thrilled to be a part of creating.”

Radicle Science has been conducting some of history’s largest rigorous clinical trials on dietary supplements, with publications in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of the American Nutrition Association and Nutrients.  Since launching in 2021, the B-corp has studied 50,000+ diverse Americans, 3 times more than all participants in NIH-funded phase 3 trials during the same time.  Moreover, the large scale of the Radicle Science clinical trials enables highly diverse study populations, including those traditionally underrepresented in clinical trials.  Women are equally represented.  Minorities comprise 20-30% of Radicle’s study participants – a contrast to 3.95% minority inclusion in all trials in the US.  Reflecting the US Census, 20% of Radicle study participants live in rural areas who would otherwise have limited access to trials.

Dr. Jeff Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science, expressed his excitement about Harbour joining the advisory board, stating, “Pamela Harbour’s extensive regulatory expertise is a perfectly timed addition to our advisory board. We look forward to collaborating with Pamela to power the dietary supplement industry with objective, gold-standard clinical evidence of effectiveness to drive consumer trust across the wellness industry.”

Harbour joins the ranks of industry luminaries on Radicle Science’s advisory board, including Peter Diamandis (XPRIZE founder), Dr. Jonathan Fielding (UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health), Tom Aarts (Nutrition Business Journal’s Cofounder), Joe Dickson (Whole Foods’ former Global Director of Quality Standards), and Rhona Applebaum (Coca Cola’s first Chief Science and Health Officer).

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