Procter & Gamble Commits to Helping 100 Million Girls and Women Build Confidence

by LP Green, II

P&G announced a new Commitment to Action today at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting to help 100 million girls and women build confidence. The global goal aims to help girls and women boost and maintain confidence and avoid traps that create negative feelings of self-worth. The Company also recognized Keep a Child Alive and Walmart for being outstanding partners in helping bring women, girls and others in need clean drinking water through P&G’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Program.

“An estimated 50 million girls around the globe enter puberty every year, experiencing transformative changes as they transition into womanhood. One in two of these girls experience a drop in confidence, and many never truly recover it. As the brand with a 30 year heritage in educating and empowering girls and women, Always was determined to do something about it,” said Fama Francisco, President, Global Feminine Care. “The #LikeAGirl campaign has fueled a powerful movement that has inspired millions of girls and women around the world, but there’s still so much to be done. That’s why P&G is committed to using the power of our brands, including Always, Pantene, Secret and Venus to make a difference and help girls and women live their lives to their fullest potential, through puberty and beyond.”

“Building a better world where girls and women are empowered requires all of us to do our part. I applaud P&G for its leadership and for developing creative partnerships like the one with PSI creating entrepreneurial opportunities and instilling the confidence that help women break down barriers,” remarked Ashley Judd, PSI global ambassador and long-time advocate for human rights, global health and social justice issues that affect women and other vulnerable populations.

P&G is uniquely positioned to engage millions of girls and women around the world by offering support and teaching confidence building skills. Over the next year, P&G brands will address the specific issues and shared experiences of building confidence commonly faced by girls and women.

Always, expanding on the groundbreaking #LikeAGirl campaign, will launch the Always Global Confidence Teaching Curriculum, a program that will benefit millions of girls around the world. The new confidence teaching curriculum, incorporating the latest research on confidence-building, is being co-developed by Always and education-thought leaders and experts. The curriculum builds on Always’ 30 year heritage in puberty education. Additionally, TED, the non-profit devoted to spreading ideas, has committed to supporting Always in teaching confidence to young girls. In this unique collaboration, Always and TED are working together to develop and spread a collection of confidence-inspiring content through TED-Ed, TED’s award-winning educational platform creating lessons worth sharing.

  • Secret’s “Mean Stinks” program is dedicated to bringing an end to girl-to-girl bullying by inspiring and supporting girls directly in their quest to end mean behavior. Secret is partnering with Teen Vogue to encourage girls to join the #ChainOfNice movement to pay kindness forward. Later this year, Secret will initiate a scholarship program to reward girls for their commitment to kindness and ending bullying.
  • Venus launched the ”Use Your And” campaign with the aim to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels and to #UseYourAnd to unleash their innate potential.
  • Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program inspires girls and women to help other women battling cancer feel more confident by providing free, real-hair wigs. Pantene will launch the 2015 Beautiful Lengths multi-media #8or8 campaign in September with its partners to inspire other girls and women to donate 8 inches or hair or $8 and join in their efforts to empower those fighting cancer.

P&G and CGI co-hosted the “Giving Girls a Chance” topic dinner which featured leading global advocates for girls and women including Ashley Judd, Global Ambassador Population Services International; Sienna Miller, Global Ambassador International Medical Corps; Michelle Nunn, President and CEO CARE and Dr. Pasquine Ogunsanya, Executive Director and Founder, Alive Medical Services. Moderated by Tina Brown, the panelists shared their perspectives on topics relevant to women and girls including family planning, gender-based violence, health challenges, economic development and education.

P&G’s newest CGI Commitment to Action builds upon 10-years of participation in the Annual Meeting, and the Company just renewed its commitment to providing clean drinking water to those in need by announcing the Company will deliver 15 billion liters of clean drinking water by 2020. Keep a Child Alive and Alive Medical Services were recognized for providing comprehensive and compassionate care and clean water to people living positively with HIV transforming their health and turning obstacles into opportunities. Walmart was awarded for raising awareness of the global water crisis in Brazil and Argentina and providing more than 100 million days of clean water to children and families globally.

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