Principal Financial Group®: Creating a Sense of Belonging: Our Commitment to Global Inclusion

by Savoy Staff

By Miriam Lewis, Chief Inclusion Officer, Principal®

Inclusion at Principal is about creating a deep sense of belonging … that feeling when you know you’re working for the right company, where you can be who you are, and where your perspectives and ideas are valued.

As a casino trực tuyến company operating in more than 80 markets, we’re committed to advancing inclusion, representation, accessibility, and equality within our workplace, business practices, and the communities in which our 18,000 employees and 32 million customers live and work1.

When our employees represent different perspectives and experiences, we can better empathize and anticipate the needs of our diverse customer base. We’re dedicated to ensuring every person and business has the access, opportunity and tools needed to make financial decisions that enable them to make progress in ways that are worth the most to them.

Recruiting a diverse workforce

We bring diversity into our workplace through a variety of intentional efforts, including recruiting employees with unique experiences, backgrounds, and talents that strengthen our company.

  • African American/Black Employee Resource Group (ERG) Our Connected Community includes more than 4,600 employees2 in five women’s networks and seven ERGs. The African American/Black ERG (AABERG) meets monthly about current events and social issues, brainstorms solutions, and explores ways to solve business problems, such as how to best reach an underserved population in retirement.

Members refer candidates for job opportunities, serve on diversity panels, lead new employee tours, attend campus/job fairs, and volunteer at community events. The group also creates education and awareness for all employees via Black History Month and cultural celebrations.

  • College campuses We’ve created partnerships with student chapters of diverse professional organizations and multicultural student affairs professionals. To help build a talent pipeline for a wide variety of roles, we invest in academic scholarships and support university programs.
  • Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) We have a partnership with MLT, which prepares people of color to land and thrive in high-trajectory jobs, delivering immediate and lasting upward socioeconomic mobility.

Nurturing an inclusive culture

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is woven into our business. For example, to broaden accessibility of financial products, we commission research to better understand how to support and serve economically disadvantaged populations.

Through our supplier diversity program, we actively facilitate purchases from diverse businesses, spending $59.2 million in 2019.

I’m proud that Principal nurtures an inclusive culture and diverse workforce based on the highest ethical standards, dedicated to fairness, respect, integrity, and trust. You see that commitment in how we advance, compensate, and train our employees.

It starts at the top

Dan Houston, our chairman, president, and CEO, has made it clear: Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives, and we’re infusing them into everything we do.

Dan sponsors the Executive Inclusion Council, an internal team that owns our diversity and inclusion strategy and results. His personal mission is to build a workplace where everyone feels they belong and contributes to results.

We’re committed to diversity in leadership. Women and people of color comprise 50% of our executive management, including one executive VP and two presidents, and 64% of the independent members of our Board of Directors.2

Accountability for our progress

We set goals to ensure we have resources behind policies and actions with the greatest potential to make a difference. Our internal metrics tracking contains 12 equally weighted measures most critical to our company-wide performance, and our Diversity Index is one of those measures. Using 17 metrics, the Diversity Index measures our effectiveness in recruitment, retention, diversity and affirmative action initiatives, education/awareness, employee demographics, and supplier diversity.

Our Inclusion Index was added in 2020 to better understand if employees worldwide feel emboldened to bring their unique perspectives to the workplace. Diversity and inclusion are also part of our compensation structure for bonus-eligible employees and leaders.

Learn more about us

Diversity and inclusion are the foundation of Principal’s culture, and something we reaffirm and strive to live up to each day. You can learn more what we’re doing in our workplace and communities at


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