Near Twin of Legendary Eartha Kitt Embodies Late Star in One-Woman Show “UnAuthorized Confessions Of A Sex Kitten”

by LP Green, II

FastLane Pictures and iNetworkNation are proud to present the much anticipated One Woman Show, Eartha Kitt: UnAuthorized Confessions Of A Sex Kitten.

The show will premiere November 30, 2013 at the Barnsdall Theatre in Hollywood, CA with 2 shows at 5:00 pm and 7:45 pm. This show takes the audience on an enlightening yet entertaining journey through the life and times of LEGENDARY EARTHA KITT.

From unsavory beginnings to overcoming it all, only to be shunned by her country, Eartha Kitt was multifaceted. She conquered Films, Television, Stage, Books and was a famed singer with an unmistakable signature growl.

She managed to cross all audiences, with each generation loving her for different pieces of her work.

A dedicated Air Force Veteran with strong, seasoned acting skills and a remarkable resemblance to the legend, Tyra “Ms. Kitt” Hughes draws the audience deep into this UNSUNG talent’s world, causing viewers to experience sadness, struggle, joy and triumph all from one powerful performance.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hear someone say how much I embody Eartha Kitt; I feel like I was born for this role,” said the Dillard University Theatre and Creative Writing Graduate who starred in the HBO series Treme and adapted the Eartha story after much research.

Eartha Kitt: UnAuthorized Confessions of a Sex Kitten was written for stage by Sanedria Potter, who will also serve as Director for this performance.

“Just as important as the message of Endurance and Courage that this show has for today’s young people, is the opportunity to create much needed jobs and renewed interest in Theatre,” said the New York Film Academy alumna Sanedria Potter.

FastLane Pictures has developed several other historical stories in the one woman/man format. “Oftentimes in our culture the same stories get told and usually only in February.

Furthermore, when my 12-year-old son could only name six African American Historical figures, I knew something had to be done,” said Sanedria.

Every child deserves the opportunity to express their creativity and dreams.

In keeping with this theme this production will introduce, the co-directorial debut of Kefir Emery, a 7-year-old visionary.

By the age of 6,Kefir was studying the arts with Wendy Raquel Robinson’s ‘Amazing Grace Conservatory’.

Sanedria Potter was shocked to receive a call from Kefir himself, as he informed her that he wanted to co-direct on the Eartha Kitt project. As pre-production got underway, Sanedria was often amazed at Kefir’s maturity and ability to understand topics well beyond his years.

“He actually gives relevant notes and has a resilient attention span, at an age when most kids can barely sit still,” said Sanedria.

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