Multicultural Men Finally Have Clinically Proven, Natural Solution For a Bump-Free Shave

by LP Green, II

“Frederick Benjamin Grooming” releases an avant-garde shaving line to promote healthy skin and eliminate skin irritation

After noticing multicultural men often battle razor bumps and ingrown hairs, and the products most available to them did not meet their specific needs, founder and former L’Oreal brand manager, Michael James, conducted extensive research to develop Frederick Benjamin Grooming, a natural shaving line designed specifically for multicultural men that has been clinically proven to eliminate skin damage.

According to the Journal of Investigative Reporting, multicultural men are 50 times more likely to experience ingrown hairs and irritating, often painful razor bumps.

Black and Latino men frequently experience this unsightly skin damage, which can be largely attributed to standardized ingredients in typical shaving products as well as conventional shaving processes that are not designed for their tightly coiled curls.

“As I’m working behind-the-scenes for these multinational brands, I noticed everything hitting the shelves is mass-marketed,” James said. “Nothing was addressing the specific concerns of multicultural males. That’s what Frederick Benjamin does. We give them the needed products and processes to eliminate their battle with skin irritation and skin damage.”

Frederick Benjamin Grooming fuses all natural oils and other ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel into their products to help protect, prevent and reduce the painful, unattractive skin irritation commonly found within the multicultural community.

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“We want men to feel confident in every room they enter and that starts with their morning grooming routine,” said James. “Men are not only investing more time into their daily grooming but also their money in search of the best shave. The best shave is the one that consistently removes hair while reducing irritation, and that’s what our products and processes like our three-step shaving regimen do.”

The three-step shaving regimen was created to enhance the overall shaving experience by providing men with three products to prevent skin irritation altogether.

The Easy Primer Pre-Shave Oil, made with avocado and grape seed oil extracts, adds a protective coating to the skin, which encourages razor glide. The Hydro-Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel goes on clear allowing men to see what they are shaving and achieve a more precise shave meaning less strokes, cuts, and irritation.

Men then complete their shave with the clinically-proven Bump Clear Post-Shave lotion, which has been shown to reduce the appearance of razor bumps in as little as 14 days when applied daily resulting in a smoother, bump-free moisturized jawline and neck.

Frederick Benjamin shaving products are available online. They can also be found in select retailers and barbershops in major cities such as New York City, the DC-metro area, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Austin.

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