As one of the world’s largest financial institutions, MUFG is committed to incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into every aspect of our culture and business. When I joined MUFG in 2021, my primary goal was to drive and further elevate our DEI efforts in the Americas, specifically incorporating and expanding the equity factor.

DEI is at the center of all that we do

Marked by an appreciation for the contributions of all team members, our inclusive culture is combined with a commitment to building a diverse workforce. We are guided by the MUFG Culture Principles –– a set of actions that reflect who we are (and aspire to be) and what we expect from all colleagues. We welcome the unique perspectives of individuals with varying cultural backgrounds and life experiences – each bringing new ideas and innovation, each fueling our transformation in a shifting industry. We respect one another, and we recognize successes and learnings.

To support our colleagues internally and to further cultivate an inclusive culture with consistent employee engagement, MUFG offers a selection of Employee Resource Networks (ERNs). The ERNs are open to all colleagues and include various interests – such as African American/Black, Asian Pacific Islander, Generational, Latinx, LGBTQA+, Veterans, and Women. Each ERN has the autonomy to host commemorative events, workshops, and educational sessions for all staff. Additionally, groups of employees within our business lines and corporate functions participate in Councils that work on initiatives to promote DEI efforts within their departments.

Through collaborations with these employee groups, and in conjunction with the MUFG Executive Committee for the Americas, my team and I work to develop and implement a holistic, cross-enterprise strategy in which all colleagues can get involved.

Our commitment to DEI also supports our clients by enabling us to respond to their changing needs, enhance business opportunities, and achieve transformational growth. We are trusted advisors for our clients, we listen to them, and we partner with them to provide thoughtful, customized solutions.

Our DEI, Culture and Philanthropy (DCP) strategy for the future

To more closely integrate our DEI, Culture, and Philanthropy (DCP) work, we recently aligned these teams into one group to help ensure a collective and holistic approach. Our overall commitment is articulated through a strategic focus on culture, workforce, marketplace, and community where colleagues and stakeholders at every level within the organization play a critical role in advancing DCP efforts.

The strategy begins with accountability, inclusive leadership, enhanced DEI learning and development opportunities, and external stakeholder engagement. We challenge norms and challenge ourselves by always exploring how we can innovate programming to increase appeal with our various audiences.

Philanthropy remains strong at MUFG, and we believe social investments are a manifestation of our values and a core element of our ongoing responsibility as a corporate citizen. Strengthening ties to the communities where we work — backed by a commitment to engaging community partners, clients, and colleagues — is at the core of what we do and is a governing factor that shapes all parts of our business. Charitable contributions and volunteerism are significant to our legacy and will continue to be integrated into our ongoing strategy.

Our commitment involves hard work across all facets of the company to help make neighborhoods, cities, and the planet a better place. Through innovative partnerships and a commitment to the sustainable growth of our clients, we are not only bringing about lasting change, but driving it — consistently, together.

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