Mintz Levin: Inclusion is the Key to Our Success

by LP Green, II

What sets Mintz Levin apart is a clear, unified message that originated with our founders and connects us at our core: our differences make us better lawyers and better people. For us, a commitment to diversity isn’t limited to quantitative goals, but guided by a core value to promote a culture that expects inclusion of our talented diverse lawyers in all aspects of firm life. While we believe that insisting on inclusion is the right thing to do, the testament to the success of our approach has been its effect in fostering the most profitable three-year run in firm history.

Mintz Levin is proud to be at the forefront of efforts to increase the representation of attorneys of color in large corporate firms. In 1986, two Mintz Levin partners were instrumental in creating the Boston Lawyers Group, a nonprofit organization that has raised awareness of diversity at large Boston-headquartered law firms and increased the number of attorneys of color practicing in those firms. Today the firm is proud to be the Diversity and Inclusion sponsor for the Association of Corporate Counsel – Northeast Chapter and a member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity.

We proudly support the important objectives behind ABA Resolution 113 to increase diversity and inclusion. At Mintz Levin, this is a top-down exercise – and the firm is proud that over 40% of the members of its governing Policy Committee are of diverse backgrounds. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can come to work as their full selves – reflective of society and our clients at large. Our holistic approach to diversity and inclusion looks at what we can do based on the markets and industries we serve to maximize our relationships with clients, vendors, and business partners. Mintz Levin exceeds its NALP peer averages at the partnership level for all diverse categories – attorneys of color, women, and LGBT attorneys. We are proud to partner with our clients in ways that mutually improve our respective diversity profiles and broaden the diversity of client service teams.

Mintz Levin’s efforts to create a more inclusive firm culture include a Sponsor & Retention Program, a voluntary program that identifies senior attorneys of influence and pairs them with associates of color for one-on-one mentoring, networking, introductions, and facilitation of work opportunities. Although it is centered on mentoring components, the Sponsor & Retention Program is more far-reaching and ambitious, requiring the sponsor to take on responsibility for promoting the sponsee within the firm to foster career success.

In 2017, Mintz Levin created the role of Ombudsperson to serve as a liaison between associates and management, to address attorneys concerns impacting retention. The firm also supports three internal affinity groups to support outreach in various diverse communities. MIATTY, Mintz Levin’s minority attorneys group, has the mission of supporting the development and retention of attorneys of color within the firm. The Women’s Initiative sponsors numerous social, professional, and networking programs aimed at supporting and enriching the lives of our women attorneys. The LGBT Group provides opportunities for mutual support and informal mentoring for the firm’s LGBT constituents.

Our efforts would not be possible without the leadership and mentorship of Tyrone Thomas, Chair of the Mintz Levin Diversity Committee and a member of the firm’s governing Policy Committee. In his tenure leading the firm’s strategic blueprint for diversity, Mintz Levin has continued to improve its engagement on inclusion through client relations and external partnerships. His insight is what solidifies Mintz Levin’s standing as a leader on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

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