Micron Appoints Sharawn Connors as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

by savoystaff

Micron Technology, Inc.  announced the appointment of Sharawn Connors to the role of chief diversity and inclusion officer.

Connors joined Micron in July 2019 as the vice president of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI). Under Connors’ leadership, Micron established six key DEI commitments for fiscal year 2021, integrated global initiatives in the company’s business and operations, and set strategy-driven goals around diverse hiring, talent retention and advancement, and inclusion. Her success has been demonstrated by several accomplishments that are now embedded into Micron’s culture and business.

With guidance from Connors, Micron achieved comprehensive pay equity for underrepresented groups in March 2021; grew membership in employee-led resource groups by 84% from fiscal year 2019 to fiscal year 2020; and launched global allyship training for all employees to promote an inclusive culture.

“Sharawn’s leadership has been pivotal in accelerating Micron’s progress in diversity, equality and inclusion, where all team members are seen, heard, valued and respected,” said April Arnzen, senior vice president and chief people officer at Micron. “Micron is committed to building an atmosphere where all people feel welcomed. This appointment reinforces our focus to stand for social justice whenever we can, address parity for underrepresented groups across the business and in the community, and implement meaningful improvements in workplace practices and operations.”

Connors’ professional experience spans human resources, information technology, project management, and operations. Prior to joining Micron, she led global diversity and inclusion efforts at Flex (formerly Flextronics).

Connors is also an advocate for affordable housing and quality elder care for underrepresented groups in her hometown of Oakland, California. She holds a Master of Science in human resource management from Golden Gate University and a Bachelor of Arts in history from California State University.

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