Mastercard: Taking a Stand, Driving Change, Including All

by Savoy Staff

By Randall Tucker, Chief Inclusion Officer, Mastercard

At Mastercard, we embrace diversity and inclusiveness and create a sense of belonging because we know it’s what makes us better as colleagues, as a company and as citizens of the world.

We believe that what we do is as important as who we are. We invite our employees to bring their hearts, minds and whole selves to work every day to push boundaries and imagine new possibilities. We attract and recruit those who are change-makers, those who want to own their path and dare to go further.

As a purpose-driven company with a long commitment to inclusivity, we have a broad view of what constitutes and inspires talent, so we develop employee skills for now and for the future. Decency sits at the core of all we do, working hard to ensure that we treat people of all backgrounds, cultures, abilities and perspectives fairly, providing an equal opportunity to grow and advance their careers. We speak boldly and loudly about our beliefs and the changes that we see need to be made. These have included immigration, gender equity, LGBTQ+ support and, more recently, a call against racism. Racism is against everything we stand for as a company, as a community and as individuals who strive to live peacefully and joyfully.

This past spring, we launched In Solidarity, a companywide, long-term initiative that activates the full breadth of our company’s resources to advance inclusion and equality. The initial focus will be on Black communities in the United States and will expand to other geographies to address the unique local needs and combat all forms of racism and discrimination around the globe.

We will continue to lead on these causes, using our voice to raise awareness and advance solutions, while taking action ourselves. This is how we have approached many issues, focusing on the areas where we can have impact — first within our own walls and for our employees, followed closely by how we approach our business and our partnerships and programs to support the broader community and economy.

Our people’s differences empower us to be a better team — one that makes smarter decisions, drives innovation and delivers stronger business results. As we continue our journey of inclusion, Mastercard remains focused on taking actions that make an impact. Diversity and inclusion is not just an initiative at Mastercard. It is infused throughout our organization in the way we hire, develop and retain diverse teams who are equipped to execute on big ideas and achieve a competitive advantage. It’s embedded in our business in the way we engage our nine Business Resource Groups to serve as internal consultants providing consumer segmentation, research, and cultural insights for product development. And it’s ingrained in our winning culture in the way we compete in the marketplace with a sense of decency at our core.

We want every employee at Mastercard to feel inspired to do their best work, have the right tools and opportunities to excel, and bring their unique selves to help us better problem-solve and innovate.

We are looking for amazing individuals who bring different perspectives, are thoughtful, humorous, intelligent, and genuinely care to join us and make our organization stronger, smarter, and more vibrant. If you want to bring your heart and your mind to work every day, Mastercard may be exactly where you belong.

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