Lip Addyct Announces New #CelebrityAddyct, Elise Neal

by LP Green, II

World renowned television and film actress Elise Neal, best known for portraying memorable characters in award-nominated roles has signed on to be the face of the 2014 Spring/Summer line of extraordinary colors from Lip Addyct.

From her character “Scrappy” in Rosewood to a Elise’s most recent guest appearance on ABC’s “Scandal,” Neal has an amazing ability to transform into characters that leave a lasting impression. Lip Addyct is betting that she’ll be able to do the same with their upcoming line.

“When we sat down to brainstorm about who we wanted to help bring Lip Addyct into 2014, we decided it’d have to be someone who embodied our goals for the upcoming year” said Adrienne Owens, owner of Lip Addyct. “We’re no longer a brand new company. Since our creation, we’ve learned a lot, inspired many and now see ourselves as a fearless and vibrant professionals who desire to continue to wow the growing population of Addycts throughout the US.  We couldn’t think of anyone we’d rather help us achieve these goals than Elise.”

When asked about becoming Lip Addyct’s newest #CelebrityAddyct, Neal says, “I’m very proud to be the spokes model for the Spring/Summer campaign! This Memphis born star repping a Memphis born company; I love the colors and the texture of the products and I hope we take it worldwide!”

The 2014 Addyct Campaign will feature sexy, tantalizing and alluring images that are sure to spark interest and excitement in its viewers.  The gorgeous and accomplished Elise brings a grand amount of zeal and finesse to the project which was shot by famed photographer Derek Blanks in Atlanta, GA. Owens continues, ‘It’s hot! Elise is definitely bringing the true Lip Addyct vibe.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and can’t wait to share them with our loyal fans and customers.”

For more, follow Lip Addyct (@LipAddyct) and Celebrity Addyct Elise Neal (@TheRealNealE) on Twitter & Instagram or like the campaign on  Lip Addyct colors are available for retail and wholesale online at

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